What is The PregActive Movement?

The PregActive Movement was created to inspire ALL women no matter where they live to be ‘Empowered’ with the required knowledge, resources and support to live a healthy and active life during pregnancy and as a new mother.

A movement for women’s health doesn’t just happen overnight.

It takes time and dedicated people who believe in the cause and are committed to encourage others to believe in it as well. That’s where you come in as a PregActive Advocate in supporting and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

You can help by spreading the word on the importance of supporting women during pregnancy and post-pregnancy, as they encounter new life-changing experiences.

We’re on a quest to change the unhealthy expectations placed on pregnant women and new mothers.

Our movement is dedicated to helping women who may not have a support network that provides the assistance they deserve. We want to help women achieve their personal health, wellbeing and fitness goals by offering realistic and sustainable information.

Our Goal
To Support & Promote a Healthy Lifestyle for ALL Pregnant Women & New Mothers

Our Mission
To reach as many women as possible in order to provide the support and evidence-based resources they require to lead a healthy lifestyle throughout all stages of pregnancy and beyond.

By empowering women with the knowledge they require to look after their own health and wellbeing, we are on a mission to work together to share our own experiences and improve the lives of all mothers and mothers-to-be.

We want to educate local leaders in their community to promote a healthy lifestyle and provide required support for all pregnant women and new mothers within their own local communities.

Our Vision
The PregActive Movement’s vision is that no mother should struggle in silence, lack the required support and knowledge to live a healthier life or should die from preventable causes.

We envision a world where we can help all women achieve their personal health and wellbeing goals by offering evidence-based and sustainable information along with the support to succeed.

Why Did We Create The PregActive Movement?

Throughout many years helping and speaking to women, we have found that there are too many women who are privately struggling with unhealthy expectations during pregnancy.

Preventable health issues, crippling body image issues post-pregnancy, and feeling unrealistic pressures a result of societal demands when it comes to motherhood.

We want to help women improve their own health and wellbeing as they devote their time to looking after their baby and family.

Support for ALL Women during Pregnancy

Our mission is to reach as many women as possible, to promote a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy and to provide the resources they require to get professional help in their local area.

We want all women to be empowered with the knowledge they need about normal pregnancy check-ups, information on safe & effective exercises, healthy eating during pregnancy and to feel supported during this exciting but life-changing period.

Support for ALL Women After Childbirth

While there is a lot of support for a newborn baby; many women struggle alone with their own health, mental wellbeing (postnatal depression) and body changes during the challenging postpartum period.

This is where our PregActive Advocates play a vital role in providing the resources new mothers need for their own health and wellbeing. If we can’t physically be present to help a new mother, then we want to point them in the right direction for help and support in their local area.

Being ‘PregActive’ involves being supportive of all women. We do not judge and we do not push an unrealistic body image on new mothers. Instead we encourage ALL women to strive for a healthy lifestyle and to be proud and accepting of their body.

A fit and healthy body comes in all shapes and sizes, and new mothers should not be targeted by constant advertising messages to achieve an unrealistic body image post-pregnancy!

PregActive Movement Values

Our values form the basis for our PregActive movement’s attitude, behaviour and work.

We will respect the rights, beliefs and responsibilities of each individual, group, organisation and community. We will respect all persons, regardless of religion, race, sexual orientation, marital or family status, disability, age or national origin.

We will continue to excel in every part of our services and to operate transparently as we strive to reach our goal and mission.

We will remain dedicated to providing the highest quality of evidence-based information and resources when teaching health, wellbeing and fitness.

We will strive to provide a positive welcoming, a sense of belonging and to accept and tolerate differences and diversity in other people or groups of people.

We will connect, engage and communicate with ALL pregnant and post-pregnant women who require support, encouragement and assistance with passion and purpose.

We will operate with integrity and honesty in all that we say and in all that we do. We will act in such a manner as to uphold and enhance personal and professional integrity of the movement.

We will not judge! We will advise and guide with the purpose of helping women get the qualified and professional help they require.

We will be dedicated to building trusting and mutually beneficial relationships with all individuals, organisations and the community.

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