Welcome Our Latest PregActive Pro Team Members

Our Latest PregActive Pro Team

On Saturday November 10th we held another successful training day where we welcomed nine new PregActive Pros to our team. We spent a full day of intensive training in prenatal and postnatal exercise instruction.

At PregActive, our goal is to improve the quality of exercise prescription being provided to pregnant women and new mothers. A PregActive Pro is dedicated to empowering their clients to have healthier pregnancy, labour and postpartum recovery.

Empowering and Inspiring Health and Fitness Professionals

And to do this we are empowering and inspiring health and fitness professionals with the knowledge, tools and resources they require to teach their prenatal and postnatal clients.

Our team of PregActive Pros are highly qualified fitness professionals who already hold an existing certificate in a relevant field such as yoga, Pilates, personal training or group fitness.

Each member of our team has the passion to learn more about, and improve the health and well-being of pregnant women and new mothers. Many of our Pros are mothers and can share their own personal experiences with their clients.

PregActive Pro Group Training

Extensive Training for All PregActive Pros

The health and wellbeing of every woman matters and our clients deserve the best! To achieve this high standard we put all prospective PregActive Pros through a rigorous training program that involves both online and in-studio training.

Training and Education Doesn’t Stop with Our Training Days.

We provide continuing professional development for all of our Pros. From our online certification course, to our in-studio training and our PregActive Pro portal. We believe learning is a continual process and to retain certification, our Pro’s need to stay up to date.

These high expectations and registration requirements provide clients with the confidence that they are being training by a qualified instructor who understands the do’s and don’ts of exercise when pregnant.

Our Mission

Through The PregActive Movement and our team of PregActive Pros, we want to reach as many women as possible to ensure they get the best care when it comes to their health and well-being when pregnant. We are a team of like-minded women who are inspired and motivated to make a difference.

We look forward to introducing each of our new PregActive Pros to you in the near future.

You will find our PregActive Pros teaching prenatal and postnatal classes in studios, commercial gyms, community centres and in one-on-one sessions.

PregActive Pro Exercise Prescription