Weight Training in Pregnancy

In general, when weight training, you increase the weight as you become stronger. It’s to keep challenging your muscles to increase your strength.

That sore feeling you have after a workout is actually you slightly tearing the muscle. With proper rest, nutrition and time, it helps to rebuild the muscle.

Let’s Talk about Weight Training in Pregnancy

Your body, at quite a rapid rate, is changing. It’s pretty amazing how it does it, and all in nine months!

Here’s why it can become harder to exercise as you go through your pregnancy:

1. Increased blood volume, which means your heart has to work harder to pump it around your body.

2. Less space for your lungs to expand as baby grows bigger – making it much harder to breathe.

3. The change in tension of your ligaments as the pregnancy hormone ‘relaxin‘ literally ‘relaxes’ them.

4. Fatigue as your body works overtime to create a little baby!

And so many more…

Now, if we look at this and then PUSH HARD to increase our weights, can you see that it might just all be too much? 

And the other thing I’d like to ask you, is why?

Weight Training in Pregnancy Here's What You Need to Know
Weight training in pregnancy

Why stay with the your same weight training regime?

Is it so that you don’t put on excess weight during your pregnancy?

Because you can recover more quickly post-pregnancy?

Maybe it’s because that the type of exercise brings you happiness and you love it and don’t want to miss out?

All very valid reasons!

So, here’s the trick. You can still do weights (given you have the all clear from your health care professional). But, my dear friend, ease off and don’t go too hard.

There’s a lot of changes happening and a lot of expansion.

If you are lifting heavy, there is a whole lot of weight pressing DOWN DOWN DOWN to that lovely pelvic floor of yours.

What are the best weight training exercises when pregnant? Try this free workout

The benefits of strength training in pregnancy

1. Help to avoid aches and pains as your belly grows.

2. Physically prepare you body for labour.

3. Prepare your body for life as a new mother. Lifting, carrying and pram-pushing!

Is this Your First Pregnancy?

If this is your first pregnancy, go have a chat to any new mother and ask them just how important pelvic floor really is. Because you and I both will agree that we don’t want you peeing your pants in the supermarket 8 weeks after your have bub.

No amount of weight lifting is going to make you feel good if you do not have a functioning pelvic floor. And you can’t seem to get rid of that mummy pooch belly.

A functional core and strong body is what you need, and you can achieve that through simple exercise.

We’re continually adding new workout videos to our PregActive Pregnancy Online Program, and yes some include weights!

But light ones!

You will still get that muscle burn you want, without the pressure on your pelvic floor.

It’s also why we have designed and included Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced workouts in our program. Because there are different levels of fitness for all pregnant women and not one workout will fit all!

Want to see a good example of a workout without any weights?


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