What To Do when Trying to Get Pregnant

What To Do when Trying to Get Pregnant

If you are trying to get pregnant then one of the first things you should do is to visit your doctor.

When you have a pre-conceptual check-up you may see a midwife or a practice nurse instead. If you have private health insurance, you may also be able to claim some of this back so it is worth checking with your insurer first.

When trying to get pregnant it is essential you prepare your body in every way possible for pregnancy.

Your health is extremely important when trying to get pregnant, during pregnancy and also post-pregnancy. For this reason you want to ensure that there are no medical reasons or factors (such as certain medications) that could negatively affect your ability to fall pregnant.

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When Trying to Get Pregnant You Must Eliminate Any Health Concerns Now

It is also vital that there are no health concerns that could also impact on your baby. And it can also be peace of mind for you to know that you do not have any medical issues that could impact on your overall health such as diabetes, high cholesterol, or genetic issues.

If you are completely healthy before you become pregnant then you have taken the first step in giving your baby the best start in life. Your overall health and well-being can all affect your chances of having a healthy pregnancy.

Trying to Get Pregnant

Check on Your Medications

Some types of medication (prescribed and over-the-counter) are harmful to an unborn baby. Make a list of every medication you are taking, including; sleeping tablets, acme medications or common pain killers (ibuprofen), and present this list to your doctor when you meet.

List Your Previous Health Issues and Also Existing Conditions

Prior to going in for your check-up you should also document your health record to help identify any previous or current health issues that could affect you getting pregnant or your own personal during pregnancy.

For example; diabetes, epilepsy or asthma. Your doctor may recommend some changes to your medications or treatment before you conceive.

Book that Check-up as early as Possible

When you decide to start trying to get pregnant, then that is the time to visit your doctor. If you have a plan in the future for starting then you can be more specific and book in an appointment with your doctor 3 – 6 months in advance.

The earlier you address any concerns the more time you will give your body to adjust or reach a ‘healthy’ state.

What Should I Expect from a Pre pregnancy Check-up?

Meeting with your doctor is an opportunity for you to discuss all concerns you have with regards to your health.

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A thorough check-up will cover:

1. Any issues with medications you are currently taking or did take.

2. Specific illnesses.

3. Your overall health.

4. Previous miscarriages.

5. Your contraception.

6. Family genetic disorders (cystic fibrosis, Down syndrome, sickle cell disease).

7. Cholesterol levels.

8. Diabetes check.

9. Blood pressure.

10. Vaccinations – preventable infections can cause miscarriage or birth defects.

What Else?

11. Injuries or muscular issues that will cause discomfort or pain.

12. Weight (overweight or underweight).

13. Current exercise regime.

14. Your lifestyle (smoking, drinking, illegal drugs).

15. Your diet.

16. Vitamin / pre-pregnancy supplements (folic acid).

17. Menstrual problems or irregularities.

18. Exposure to potentially harmful chemicals or toxins.

19. Whether your job involves working with hazardous substances.

20 Mental health (depression, anxiety, stress).

What Tests May I have to Take?

1. Blood tests (anaemia, sickle-cell anaemia)

2. Screening STDs (chlamydia, syphilis, HIV, Hepatitis B)

3. Cervical smear.

Planning for Pregnancy Fitness

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