Top Gifts Ideas for New Mothers

Here’s My Top 5 Gift Ideas for New Mothers

Flowers are beautiful, they smell nice, hey they even look nice! But they are certainly not the best gift you can give new parents that have just had a little baby.

No one has enough vases for starters, and two weeks later when the house is a mess, there’s even more mess with dead flowers hanging around the place.

Let’s earn you some brownie points and equip you with the tools to give this new mama the best gift ever (and she’ll be forever grateful to you!).

Gift Ideas for New Mothers
Gift Ideas for New Mothers

Gift Ideas for New Mothers they’ll Love

#1 Frozen meals delivered to her door.

We did this just last week for a friend. A group of us put in just $10 each and equipped her with weeks of food! The perfect idea if you have a group of people you can arrange (like a work team or a Mothers Group).

#2 A jar full of healthy snacks.

Buy a pack of muesli bars, dried apricots and nuts. Cut up the muesli bars in bite size pieces and fill a jar with all the above. So perfect for snacking on (and she can eat it one handed).

#3 A hand written card with kind words.

You don’t know how powerful this can be.

Write some wisdom if you have some, and if you don’t have any then use this:
“how incredible little Johnny has arrived into the world, he is so loved already! He’s so blessed to have such wonderful parents. Remember, you are doing just an amazing job, now and in the weeks to come.

It is a roller coaster ride, but certainly worth it to see this bundle of joy grow. Remember you don’t have to always love being a parent, but you will always love them. Always here for you. Love (the best friend ever).”

#4 A coffee, shower and a nap.

Rock up with a hot coffee, walk in and ask for cuddles with bub (when their not sleeping or feeding) and tell mama bear to go sit outside and enjoy her cuppa. Then go have a shower and freshen up.

Or have a nap. And if she refuses, assure her you are right here and she deserves the break.

#5 Massage or Pamper Voucher.

You have no idea how much a voucher for a mobile massage or hair dresser to come and make them feel human again! Amazing what a blow dry can do to a woman’s self-esteem. Or a PregActive Gift Voucher to equip her with a whole wellness program to get her back on track.

Even if she forgets to say thank you, she will be sending you mental ‘thank you’ for weeks to come for such a thoughtful gift.

Oh and remember, if this isn’t the first born in the family, do everyone a favour.

Pick up a $5 book or toy, wrap it up and acknowledge the toddler that is struggling to adjust to this new baby that’s taken Mummy’s attention away.

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