Tips for Pregnant Women and New Mothers Working at Home

Tips for Pregnant Women and New Mothers Working at Home

This is me! While pregnant, and looking after my son Max, I am also busy working with all our inspirational PregActive mamas. And I love it! But I need to be organised and manage my time accordingly.

So I want to share some tips with you about working at home when pregnant or if you are a mama.

My Tips

1. If you sit a lot, stand up.

2. If you stand a lot, sit down.

3. Be supported – wear supportive shoes inside, not just barefoot.

4. If you sit, try and sit on a ball – if you don’t have one it’s a great investment.

5. If you are sitting on a chair, sit on a cushion. You don’t want to be slouched, avoid having your tailbone tucking under. Sit towards the front of the cushion.

6. Set a small timer (45 minutes or less) and get up and move when it goes off.

7. Shoulder rolls and upper body stretching throughout the day is important.

8. Get outside for a few deep breaths across your day.

All these tips are simple, but you need to take action to reap the benefits.

Tips for Pregnant Women and New Mothers Working at Home

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Below I chat with Obstetrician Dr Ini Thevathasan and provide some helpful tips.


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