Here’s a Great Way to Exercise at Home during Your Third Trimester

Once you have spoken to your doctor and they have given you the all clear to continue with exercise in the third trimester of pregnancy; then you can continue to enjoy the rewards of maintaining a pregnancy-specific third trimester exercise program.

There are many benefits of continuing a specifically designed exercise workout all the way up until the birth. As you progress deep into your third trimester you will experience increased fatigue and discomfort and will understandably just want to rest.

However, continuing to participate in my online PregActive video workouts will help keep you fit and supple to assume comfortable positions during labour. Being physically prepared for labour and post birth will be well worth all the effort.

Third Trimester Exercise at Home

Third Trimester Exercise Tips

1.    Always Consult Your Doctor First
During your third trimester of pregnancy you will be in regular contact with your Doctor so always communicate with them what you are doing or are intending on doing when it comes to exercise.

There are many complications and risk factors that can come into play during your last trimester so your Doctor may advise you to slow down or cease exercise completely in the last few weeks or months of your pregnancy.

2.    Avoid Lying On Your Stomach and Back
Obviously you will not want to lie on your stomach. You should also avoid lying flat on your back when exercising.

3.    Exercise In The Morning
Participating in one of our Trimester 3 exercise workouts will help give you the energy boost you need for the day. By the end of the day you will no doubt be experiencing greater fatigue and will be less motivated to do a workout.

4.    Listen To What Your Body Is Telling You!
When you get tired you are likely to pay less attention to your posture so always maintain correct body position when standing and seated. Avoiding back pain during pregnancy will be a high priority.

5.    Don’t Lose Your Balance
You will notice that you are more susceptible to losing your balance during your third trimester of pregnancy due to changes in posture, weight and body shape. Try and avoid activities that require you to focus on holding positions for long periods of time.

6.    Low Impact Cardio and Strength
Try and maintain your walking or swimming sessions at a comfortable pace and intensity that suits you. Avoid high intensity, high impact cardio workouts. Our workouts use a fit ball which provides support for your body.

7.    Perform Your Pelvic Floor Exercises
Continue to do your pelvic floor exercises. By now you would have heard a lot about your pelvic floor and the importance of strengthening these muscles.

Third Trimester Exercise at Home