Here’s When You Must Stop Exercising When Pregnant


When You Must Stop Exercising When Pregnant

While exercising when pregnant is recommended, you must always consult your doctor and follow their advice based on your personal circumstances. If at any time you experience the following symptoms listed below you should stop immediately.

While you may ignore these signs when you are not pregnant, you cannot afford to ignore these signs while pregnant.

If you have any concerns always seek medical attention and ask questions regarding your specific requirements when it comes to exercising when pregnant.

Stop Exercising When Pregnant

When to Stop Exercising When Pregnant

If you have experience any of the following symptoms, you should stop exercising when pregnant and call your doctor:

  1. Chest pain

2.  Vaginal bleeding.

3.  Are short of breath.

4. Have a headache.

5. Have abdominal pain.

6.  Have pelvic pain.

7.  Muscle weakness.

8.  Experience difficulty walking or standing.

9.  Contractions

You Must Stop Exercising When Pregnant

9 More Reasons to Stop Exercising when Pregnant

10. Painful heat in the lower legs.

11.  Burning or difficulty urinating.

12.  Painful breasts.

13.  Experience dizziness.

14.  Feel faint or light-headed.

15. Calf pain or swelling.

16.  Notice an irregular or rapid heartbeat.

17.  Reduced movement by the baby.

18.  Fluid leaking from the vagina.

19. Back pain


You need to to listen to your body and if something does not feel right, then stop exercising. While there are numerous benefits to exercising in pregnancy, there are still some risks just as there are for the general population working out.

Exercising when Pregnant

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