Single Mothers

If you are a single parent raising a newborn baby then you will face many additional challenges than if your partner was around to help out. Being a single mother is also a time to take the following tips on board and set-up a network of people to help you.

1. Accept Help When It Is Offered
You do not have to go at it alone. It is OK to accept help especially when you are feeling overwhelmed with all that is required in being a parent.

If a family member or friend offers to do some shopping for you, help with house cleaning, do some laundry or any other time consuming task then consider taking them up on their offer.

2. Get Help with Financial Matters
The costs of raising and looking after a child, as well as going through pregnancy, can be significant. You have enough stress to deal with let alone worrying about where the money will come from to pay for everything.

There are government benefits for single parents and groups that can help. To ensure you are receiving all that is available check with your local council, maternal health centre or government.

Some groups will provide you with furniture, clothing or food when necessary.

Single Mothers

3. Take the Time to Look after Your Own Health and Wellbeing
Easily said than done! However; you must find and devote some time to look after your own health and wellbeing. This includes getting enough sleep, finding the time to exercise, time to rest and relax, to socialise and eat a healthy and nutritious diet.

4. Have a Plan for Emergencies
As a parent you cannot predict when you will be required to care for your child. It could be at any time of the day and even throughout the night.

If you can create a list of friends or family to contact in such times to help out then that will help relieve some stress knowing that someone will be able to come around to help out.

5. Join a Single Parent Support Group
Surrounding yourself with women in a similar position to you will provide comfort in knowing that you are not alone as a single parent.

You can search through Facebook or contact your local council for Single Parent Support Groups in your area. And of-course, be sure to join our PregActive Support Group on Facebook >

6. Build a Community of Support
When you build a ‘strong community’ of people who care about your wellbeing around you, it can provide you with the emotional support and sense of belonging you need.

Whether it is friends, family or fellow mothers a strong support network can help you with many challenges you face as a single parent.

7. Childcare Can Give You the Time to Get Chores Done
The costs of childcare are soaring and become an issue not only for a single parent but all parents.

If you can financially afford childcare, then this may be an option to allow you to complete some required chores around the house. It will also allow you to take the time out to look after yourself while a trusted carer looks after your child.

While the above tips are not always practical or easily accomplished, implement just a few could provide you with a little more required help and time.

There are various government agencies and support groups around to help out single mothers in need of assistance so ask your Doctor, maternal health centre or council for this information.

Postnatal Care for Single Mothers

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