1.    Avoid drastic changes when reducing quantity of food you eat.

2.    As soon as you begin to feel full, stop eating!

3.    Reduce stress in your life that can cause over-eating.

4.    Make small changes that will last for a lifetime.

5.    Eat slowly and concentrate on your meal.

6.    Replace your large plate with a smaller plate.

7.    Drink plenty of water throughout the day.

8.    Don’t mistake thirst for hunger.

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9.    Avoid starving yourself between meals as this can lead to over-eating.

10.    When eating out, buy entrée sized meals.

11.    When eating out, share a full sized meal with your friend.

12.    When eating out, avoid temptation to ‘super-size’ your meal.

13.    Select a soup or a salad with low calorie dressing to begin a meal.

14.    Finish chewing and swallowing before putting more food in your mouth.

15.    Take a moment to pause throughout your meal.

16.    Avoid watching TV while you eat.

17.    Avoid eating when cooking.

18.    Gradually reduce serving size over time until you reach the ideal size.

19.    When your plate arrives at the table don’t rush into immediately eating.

20.    Take your time when eating by putting your knife and fork down between bites.

21.    Store any leftovers in single-serve containers and not all in one large container.

22.    If you eat packaged meals, select single serve portion meals.

23.    Practice implementing these tips as it will take time to change a habit.

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