Back Pain During Pregnancy – 19 Ways to Prevent it


Back Pain During Pregnancy

Can you prevent back pain when pregnant? The answer is yes! You can definitely reduce and even prevent back pain during pregnancy. Strengthening your core and participating in an appropriate pregnancy exercise workout will help you.

It is common to experience some back pain as your belly grows and your body changes. But there are some steps you can take to stop it from becoming a debilitating injury.

Prevent Back Pain During Pregnancy
Prevent Back Pain During Pregnancy

19 Ways to Prevent Back Pain During Pregnancy

1. Avoid Standing

Avoid standing on concrete or hard surfaces for long periods of time. Studies have shown that sitting down for long periods of time is not good for us. So, if you do use a stand-up desk, or have a job where you are standing, ensure the floor below is cushioned.

2. Use a Supportive Chair

Sit in a supportive chair, do not slouch. Bad posture leads to back pain. And even if you have a good chair, if you do not sit-up correctly, then you will soon start to develop aches and pains in your lower back.

3. Stand with correct posture

A strong core will go a long way in helping you to stand tall. Slouching and throwing your hips forward will cause pain.

4. Use Correct Posture

Sit with correct posture to prevent back pain during pregnancy.

5. Avoid Twisting

Avoid bending, reaching and twisting at the same time. Instead, move your feet in the direction you are moving to lift an item. this will help to avoid twisting on the back.

6. Don’t Reach

Avoid reaching when lifting an object, keep load close to your body. When you reach, you place more strain on your lower back.

7. Ergonomic set-up

Position your computer screen at eye level. At work, you may be able to get someone from your healthy and safety department to come and do a ergonomic assessment with you.

8. Couch Sitting

Avoid using a laptop while sitting on the couch. You tend to sink back into the couch with incorrect posture.

9. Correct Stance

Use a wide stance when lifting. This gives you more support when standing and helps to improve your balance.

10. Load Distribution

Distribute the load to avoid carrying one big load. Why lift 30kg when you can carry three loads of ten kilos and make it easier on your back.

11. Sleep well

Buy a mattress that supports your spine to prevent back pain during pregnancy. You can also use a pregnancy pillow to give you that extra support.

12. Avoid Straining

Avoid household chores that put extra strain on your back (digging, moving pot plants). Ask for help as your health matters and you cannot afford to do these movements when pregnant.

Pregnancy Exercise on Ball

13. Shoes

Invest in a good pair of shoes. Avoid high heels if possible.

14. Use a Back-pack

If you must carry heavy items, use a backpack that distributes weight evenly.

15. Avoid Neck Pain

To avoid neck pain by not cradling a mobile phone between your ear and shoulder.

16. Use Your Legs

Avoid lifting baby off floor without using your legs. Your legs are strong, use then when lifting.

17. Don’t Twist

Avoid lifting baby out of high chair and twisting at the same time you put baby down.

18. Use Pillows

Avoid slouching in chair while cuddling baby. Place some pillows behind your lower back and head to prevent you from slouching.

Healthy Pregnancy for each Trimester

Lifestyle Factors Contribute to Back Pain during Pregnancy

  1. Sitting for long periods.

2. Standing for long periods.

3. Poor posture.

4. Poor technique when lifting.

5. Lack of exercise.

6. Being overweight or obese.

7. Being stressed or anxious.

8. Bad work practices.

9. Carrying, pushing or pulling loads that are too heavy.

Common Back Injuries Can Include

1. Disc problems.

2. Structural problems.

3. Soft tissue injuries – like sprains and strains.

4. Fracture.

5. Postural stress.

6. Sciatica (nerve irritation).

7. Disease.

When You Have Back Pain During Pregnancy You Cannot

1. Exercise properly. And ironically, you need to exercise to strengthen your back. Oh, and please avoid exercising on your back.

2. Lift your child (if you already have a child). Your child doesn’t understand why you cannot pick them up or hold them.

3. Carry heavy bags. Our daily chores must go on. Whether it is lifting shopping bags or school bags.

4. Perform required household chores. Pushing a vacuum, lifting furniture, or carrying out the laundry basket.

5. Function at work. It could be sitting at your desk or getting up and down from your desk.

6. Sit for long periods of time. Again, if your work requires you to sit for long periods of time, then it can be quite difficult.

7. Sleep properly (when you do get the opportunity to sleep!).

Pregnancy Back Pain

I will Help You Prevent Pregnancy Back Pain By:

  1. Improving your posture.

2. Reducing muscle imbalances.

3. Strengthening your core.

4. Showing you correct lifting technique.

5. Improving your flexibility.

6. Maintaining good posture.

7. Reducing stress through relaxation techniques.

I will teach you how to pick-up you baby from:

1. Their cot.

2. Their car seat.

3. A table.

4. Their bath.

5. Playground equipment.

6. Off the ground.

7. …and many more positions.

Let’s Get Pregnancy Fit!

Laziness and complacency is often the greatest reasons you will suffer a back injury and until you experience the debilitating nature such an injury you will likely pay little attention to the technique you use.

This is where we want you to be proactive and learn how to use correct manual handling technique when lifting. The first step to managing back pain is to rule out the possibility of any medical problem and this can only be done by visiting your doctor.

pregactive for pregnancy


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