Preparing for Pregnancy – What You Need to Know

Preparing for Pregnancy

Your doctor will always be your best source of advice when preparing for pregnancy and if they cannot answer your specific questions then they will be able to point you in the right direction.

In this Article:

1. Do I need to Visit My Doctor Before I try to Get Pregnant?

2. Discuss any Established Medical Conditions or Concerns.

3. Discuss Current Medications You are Taking.

4. What Can I Expect at a Pre Pregnancy Check-up?

5. Preparing for Pregnancy Tips.

Preparing for Pregnancy

If you want to know How to Prepare for Pregnancy the right way to ensure you gain the confidence you need then your first step should be to book a visit to your doctor. Then you can implement some ‘healthy’ choices into your life to better prepare your body for having a baby.

Your health and well-being plays a big role in the health of your baby. While we cannot change what we have done in the past as far as ‘unhealthy habits’ go; we can do our best for the present and future.

By looking after your health you will be doing your best to ensure your baby gets off to a great start. Your goal is to have a ‘healthy pregnancy’ as possible and the medications you are taking or your overall health status will play a significant role in achieving your goal.

Do I need to Visit My Doctor Before I try to Get Pregnant?

Yes. It’s worth visiting your local doctor. Most medical centers provide pre-conceptual care, which is care before you become pregnant. Your check-up doesn’t necessarily need to be with your GP. You may see a midwife or a practice nurse instead. Some private health insurance companies also offer these kinds of checks.

Discuss any Established Medical Conditions or Concerns

If you have an established medical condition (diabetes, epilepsy, asthma) then it is important you visit your doctor to see how you can best manage your condition when pregnant. You will also want to know if some of the medication you are taking may be harmful to an unborn baby.

Discuss Current Medications You are Taking

List all prescription and over-the-counter medications you may be taking. Some over-the-counter medicines (ibuprofen) are also best avoided during pregnancy.

What Can I Expect at a Pre Pregnancy Check-up?

Your doctor or nurse will probably ask you / discuss:

1. Your current health

2.  Lifestyle choices (if you currently use recreational drugs).

3.  Your eating habits and diet.

4.  Any problems with your periods.

5.  Current exercise regime

6.  Possible hazardous substances at home or around work

7.  Mental illnesses (depression)

8.  Current weight (too low or overweight)

9.  Family genetic conditions

10.  Contraception

11.  Previous terminations or miscarriages

12.  Ectopic pregnancies

13.  Required medical tests

14. Blood tests

15.  STD screening

Preparing for Pregnancy Tips

Preparing for Pregnancy Tips

When you are planning on getting pregnant and preparing for pregnancy there are a number lifestyle choices you can make to improve your health, boost nutrient stores for when you are pregnant and physically and mentally prepare for pregnancy.

Here is what you can do:

1.  Exercise

2.  Maintain a healthy body weight.

3.  Eat well

4.  Get the required nutrients.

5.  Get plenty of sleep and rest.

6.  Make better lifestyle choices.

7. Reduce alcohol intake.

8.  Quit smoking.

9.  Take care of current medical conditions.

10.  Review medications.

11.  Address any known fertility problems.

12.  Attain a healthy mindset.

13.   Reduce stress.

14.  Address injuries (back, knees).

15.  Address any mental health concerns.

Planning for Pregnancy Fitness

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