Prenatal Stretches for Lower Back Pain Video

Prenatal Stretches for Lower Back Pain

I want to share with you some prenatal stretches for lower back pain. Back pain during pregnancy is common but here is what you can do. Stretching during pregnancy can provide some benefits with relaxation but it is important to know that your muscles will become more supple due to hormone changes. Below I have listed 10 of the best pregnancy stretches you can do at home.

But first, have a look at this short 4 minute video to get some great pregnancy stretches.

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Yoga during pregnancy is so important to keep you and baby safe and healthy. This pregnancy yoga flow guides you through the best yoga poses safe for pregnancy. If you are wondering what are the prenatal yoga poses, then you have come to the right place.

Prenatal Stretches for Lower Back Pain

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There are certain stretches you can do during a prenatal workout but also I want you to be aware of stretches you need to avoid as your belly grows.

You should always conduct a thorough warm-up with light activity and movement and you should always stretch following exercise. To ensure you are getting the most benefit from your post-exercise stretching session, follow the tips below.

Stretching for Pregnant Women

When you are pregnant, including pregnancy safe stretching can offer many benefits. It contributes to helping you relaxed, fit as well as physically preparing you for labor. Also, stretching may help ease some of the aches and pains you might be experiencing.

The Benefits Of Stretching During Pregnancy

There are many specific poses that can be used to help alleviate common pregnancy discomforts such as back pain and hip pain.

Did you know that women who included pregnancy stretches into their weekly workouts have also been shown to experience less pain during labor, giving them a higher chance at a natural delivery.

Tips for Stretching While Pregnant

1. Improve circulation

2. Prevent depression

3. Rid fatigue

4. Quiet the mind

5. Reduce insomnia

6. Improve digestion

7. Reduce pelvic and leg cramps

8. Ease ligament pain.

9. Ease and prevent muscle tension.

10. Sciatica back pain.

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I hope you enjoy this workout. There are plenty more yoga workouts when you want to try a different class.

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