Pregnancy Yoga at Home – Try this Free Prenatal Yoga Class

Pregnancy Yoga at Home

I want to share with you this 20 minute pregnancy yoga at home video. I love yoga. The benefits are endless. I have been teaching for over twelve years now. When pregnant, yoga is a great way to stay fit and strong throughout each trimester. This is why my yoga classes are the most popular as women see the immediate benefits.

The benefits of exercising when pregnant are endless. But before starting this workout, or any other prenatal workout, please be sure to speak to your doctor first.

20 Minute Pregnancy Yoga Workout You Can do at Home
Pregnancy Yoga t Home

Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

  1. Decreased Lower Back Pain

Back pain is the last thing you want when pregnant. It impacts on just about every one of your daily chores, movements and even at work.

It is hard enough dealing with all the ways your body is changing. This is where yoga can help you. Yoga is not only relaxing, but it also focuses on your breathing. This can be of great benefit to you during labour. When it comes to you back, having a strong core can help prevent back pain. Many yoga postures focus on your core.

2. Improved Sleep

How do you feel after you exercise? A little tired? Maybe your hungry. Studies have shown that exercise can improve your sleep. I know that when I exercise I sleep better. I sleep longer and seem to have a deeper sleep.

3. Reduced Stress

So how does exercise help to reduce stress? Well firstly, exercise helps increase the production of endorphins which are your brain’s feel-good neurotransmitters.

Secondly, you may find that your focus turns to exercise and how you are feeling afterwards resulting energy and optimism. It can help you remain calm and clear in everything you do.

Participating in a regular yoga class can increase self-confidence. It can relax you. And it can lower the symptoms associated with mild depression and anxiety. All of these exercise benefits can ease your stress levels.

Be strong for pregnancy and motherhood

4. Increased Strength and Improved Fitness

Let’s face it, you feel a whole lot better when you feel stronger. You feel better when you have more energy and do not get out of breath as easily. Being fit, feels great in many ways. Prenatal yoga is ideal for most pregnant women without complications. You can take a class, or do a workout in the comfort of your home.

Developing your core strength the right way will help you to carry baby. It will help you be more physically prepared for labour and importantly, enjoy a speedier postpartum recovery.

5. Decreased Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Are you experiencing wrist pain? You’re not alone. In fact, this is quite common for a pregnant woman. I have written an entire post on wrist pain and what you can do here >

What You Need for this Prenatal Yoga Class

I want you to move slowly and focus on your breath with each movement. You can use a cushion or blanket for your knees if you require extra support. Please be be mindful of your current health and any restrictions that are appropriate for you. Let’s get started!

Ready for a Quick 8 Prenatal Minute Yoga Workout?

Prenatal Yoga is a Highly Specialised form of Yoga

If you’ve arrived at yoga at 30 weeks and have only just found time to join a class – don’t worry its never too late to start! Just let your instructor know so they can modify poses to suit you. Most yoga classes are designed to allow you time to connect into your self and your baby.

Yoga is a great way to physically and mentally prepare for labour.

A qualified instructor is a must when pregnant! They will teach you the right breathing and relaxation techniques. Which will give you the physical, mental and emotional confidence to birth your child. Not all exercises or activities are safe during pregnancy, so please ask questions.

Free Pregnancy Workouts

Guidelines for Pregnancy Yoga

1. Always listen to your body.

Trust in what your body is telling you. All too often out of stubbornness or wanting to ignore a problem, we do not listen to what our body is telling us.

Now you’re pregnant you are not just looking after your health and well-being, but that of your growing baby. So, if something doesn’t feel right, then don’t push it. Seek medical advice.

2. You should stop if you feel any discomfort.

You should stop if you feel pain at anytime. Pain is not a part of yoga. Yes, you are exercising and working out, but not to a point where you are straining or pushing through soreness. Due to the pregnancy hormone relaxing, you are now more susceptible to for strains, pulls, and other injuries.

3. Avoid poses that stretch your abdominals.

A qualified prenatal exercise instructor knows which movements you must avoid. Stretching your abdominal poses many problems.

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4. Avoid any poses on your back.

Why? Because it can reduce blood flow to the uterus. The same applies to sleeping and all other activities. Try to avoid lying on your back when pregnant. If you find yourself on your back when sleeping, simply roll over onto your side.

5. Tell your instructor which trimester you’re in.

The way you exercise in the first trimester is different to the second and third trimesters. If your instructor does not know what week of pregnancy you are then they cannot properly modify your workout.

6. Avoid losing your balance.

This is an obvious one, but many yoga postures require excellent balance. unfortunately, when pregnant, your balance suffers. A fall could cause harm to both you and baby so avoid movements where your balance is severally compromised.

Our Pregactive Pros teach Pregnancy Yoga Classes all around Australia

What is a PregActive Pro?

We are on a mission to train more certified yoga instructors to become qualified to teach prenatal yoga. There is so much to learn and know when teaching to pregnant women.

So, when you see a class being taught by a PregActive Pro you know they have had some intense training.While PregActive Pros are not employees of PregActive, they do receive ongoing training and require to maintain their registration.

First they all complete our online Prenatal Exercise Specialist course at PregActive LEARNThen they complete a full day of in-studio training with myself and other prenatal specialists.

Free Pregnancy Workouts

Where to find Pregnancy Yoga Classes

1. First, find an instructor who is trained in prenatal yoga. They should not only be qualified, but also have several years of experience.

2. You can search for a certified PregActive Pro in your area.

3. You can contact Yoga Australia.

4. You can also ask your local council. They often provide a list of activities or classes in your area.

5. Ask your friends who were (are pregnant). Testimonials are often reflective of how reputable a class and instructor is.

6. Do your due diligence. You must have trust in your instructor.

7. A great looking website does not mean the instructor is qualified or experienced.

8. Find out more about mental well-being in pregnancy.

Looking for More At Home Pregnancy Yoga Workouts?

My online program at provides you with a series of guided prenatal yoga workouts that you can do at home. Along with a dedicated weekly exercise program, these specific yoga workouts can be done alongside my more intensive classes.

My goal is to empower you through exercise and movement. I give you the required tools to help you safely exercise during pregnancy. And, at the same time, help you to experience an easier labour and a more comfortable postnatal recovery.

Ready to Get FIT during Pregnancy? Let’s Do it >

PregActive Workouts

Kerryn Boyle
Kerryn Boyle
Kerryn is a Prenatal Exercise Instructor. Kerryn’s areas of expertise includes providing women with safe at-home pregnancy workouts and postpartum workouts. From pregnancy yoga classes to week by week, it's all right here.

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