Prenatal Health

How to Stay Healthy for You & Baby!

Where to seek advice postpartum

Where to Get Health Advice Postpartum

Where to Get Health Advice Postpartum. So, I want to make sure you ONLY get health advice postpartum from a qualified, experienced provider who is an expert in their chosen field. The internet is littered with so-called experts that you must steer clear from.

Pregnancy Health Tips

Top Do's of Pregnancy Exercise

Top 5 To Do’s of Pregnancy Exercise

Top 5 To Do's of Pregnancy Exercise. What separates PregActive from all other online pregnancy programs is that we have a dedicated pregnancy workout plan for every week of your pregnancy.
You are Not Alone Mama

You are NOT Alone Mama!

You are NOT Alone Mama! This month it mental health awareness month, and what better timing. I feel like we’ve all had a mini meltdown at some point across the past 18 months.. and it’s always important to keep the following in mind as helpful tips to get you feeling on top of things again.
Top Pregnancy Exercise Tips

5 Recommended Exercises for Pregnancy

5 Recommended Exercises for Pregnancy. When it comes to Pregnancy Exercise and Postpartum Recovery Exercise, I'm you're go to person. I have over a decade of experience in helping pregnant women and new mothers achieve their health and fitness goals.