Pregnancy Exercise

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Pregnancy Exercise Tips, Workouts and Expert Advice

Pregnancy exercise mistakes to avoid podcast

Pregnancy Exercise Mistakes to Avoid Podcast

Pregnancy Exercise Mistakes to Avoid Podcast. Let’s talk over five of the most common mistakes pregnant women make and how you can avoid them. All women deserve to have this knowledge, especially during their pregnancy.

Running in Pregnancy Podcast

Listen to this incredible Podcast at our website as we interview Beth on Running in Pregnancy to help new Mothers around the world.
Weight training in pregnancy

Weight Training in Pregnancy

Here's what you need to know about Weight Training in Pregnancy. It’s to keep challenging your muscles to increase your strength. Having a stronger body each week of pregnancy will help you during childbirth and also your postpartum recovery.
Prenatal Yoga Video

Pregnancy Yoga at Home – Try this Free Prenatal Yoga Class

I want to share with you this 20 minute pregnancy yoga at home video. I love yoga. The benefits are endless. I have been teaching for over twelve years now. When pregnant, yoga is a great way to stay fit and strong throughout each trimester.
More than Just a Prenatal Exercise Program

Online Pregnancy Exercises Endorsed by Physiotherapists

Online Pregnancy Exercises Endorsed by Physiotherapists. I am constantly seeing new programs, eBooks, workouts, or DVDs online that promote some new online pregnancy exercise program. Some are good and some are down right dangerous.
Best Pregnancy Exercises

The Definitive Guide on Safe Pregnancy Exercises

When you include safe pregnancy exercises into your workout you will have peace of mind. It's vital you know you are doing the right thing for both yourself and baby.
Pregnancy Exercise for ALL Women

Pregnancy Workouts at Home. Safe. Effective. FREE Workout!

Many of our amazing women join us in our in-studio classes every week. They also continue to workout by participating in my specifically designed pregnancy workouts at home.
First Trimester Exercise

First Trimester Exercise Do’s and Dont’s

Your first trimester exercise workouts must be specifically designed for the body changes you are experiencing. You may not be experiencing significant weight gain yet, but soon it will impact on your workouts.
Third Trimester Exercise at Home

Third Trimester Exercise at Home

Third trimester exercises at home. If you are exercising during your third trimester make sure you let your doctor know. There are many great benefits associated with participating in an exercise program later on in your pregnancy.
Swimming during Pregnancy

10 Safety Tips for Swimming during Pregnancy

There are many benefits to swimming during pregnancy. It is a safe and enjoyable way to exercise while you are pregnant. Swimming can increase your muscle tone. Help improve your circulation. Help to burn calories.
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