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Post-Baby Workshop Chirnside Park

Post-Baby Workshop Chirnside Park Sunday 18th November 2018

Post-Baby Workshop Chirnside Park Let's Re-Gain Your Body Confidence! When you attend our post-baby workshop, you will gain access to the tools, practices, exercises and resources...

Prenatal and Postnatal Workshops

Postnatal Care for Diastasis Recti

Our PregActive workshops are dedicate to specific prenatal and postnatal topics such as diastasis recti, birth prep, postnatal exercise and care, prenatal nutrition, post pregnancy exercise and much more.

PregActive Online Program

I am so happy I found the PregActive classes so early on in my pregnancy.  I progressed each week as my body changed with my pregnancy as the exercises were easily adaptable.  I felt prepared and ready (as much as I could be) for my labour and used some of the breathing and relaxation techniques to help me through my labour.

The pelvic floor exercises and gentle abdominal toning are now helping me recover in the post-natal period.  I'm looking forward to coming to the post-natal classes soon! Julie G.