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The Babes Project

So this morning on our early morning walk I said to my husband, “what would you do if we had so much money you didn’t have to work?”.

His answer: “I’d volunteer”.

That answer could have easily been “sail around the world” or any other big dream idea, but he is the same as me – which is probably why we work so well.

There is something unique about helping, and volunteering your time is certainly one way to contribute to a better world for us all.

I spent my morning volunteering at The Babes Project Frankston Centre and just loved it!

Just weeks ago we were at The Babes Project Croydon Centre running the same PregActive Prenatal and Postnatal Exercise Education Program.

PregActive Volunteering at The Babes Project
PregActive Volunteering at The Babes Project

Every single day I am talking to a pregnant woman or a new mother. And never, no matter how pushed for time, will I make them feel like they are taking up my time.

Because they are the reason I’m here, the reason I do what I do. And I never lose focus of that.

So amazing to see Kath today with her little 7 month old bub. Last time I saw her at a previous session she was pregnant!

We offer each participant at the workshop complimentary access to our PregActive Pregnancy Online Program and she took us up on that offer! She loved the program and as we were chatting today, it re-emphasised to me why I started this journey.

Volunteering at The Babes Project
Volunteering at The Babes Project

Our mission at PregActive is to help women like Kath feel safe and secure in their pregnancy and beyond. To be empowered with the skills and knowledge to stay healthy and active throughout their pregnancy and to recover well post-birth.

And that’s exactly what Kath has done! She listened to everything I said last time and I couldn’t be prouder.

Kath talked today to the pregnant women in the group saying how important this stuff is.

A big thank you to Holly, Helen and the team at The Babes Project for today’s fun session! Loved answering your questions, please if you have more contact me, I’d be happy to help!

The Babes Project

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