PregActive today celebrates its third birthday and, in just 3 years, the team are more excited than ever about PregActive’s future in delivering both in-studio and online pregnancy exercise workouts as well as prenatal and postnatal exercise classes.

Lead by Founder Kerryn Boyle, PregActive launched three years ago with a leading dedicated platform where women who are planning for pregnancy, are already pregnant or have just had their little baby can, participate in customised safe and effective classes created by prenatal and postnatal exercise specialists.

Its introduction marked the first time women were able to access all the required resources and online classes when planning for pregnancy and all the way through until well after childbirth.

Previously, all classes were taught in-studio which restricted access to an international audience of women wanting to participate.

Now three years on, PregActive has seen phenomenal success with more classes being delivered in-studio, the launch of The PregActive Movement, PregAqua and the PregActive Prenatal and Postnatal Certification courses.

In addition, our international Facebook group has grown to include women from around the globe who come together to share information, answer questions and provide support to fellow women.

Five mums in pregnancy exercise class

‘PregActive continuously delivers professionally-produced products and services to growing member base,’ says Kerryn Boyle, Founder of PregActive.

‘We have recently further improved, updated and optimised our online pregnancy exercise programs and workout videos to meet the additional requests of members so as to further enhance their experience by providing innovative and engaging content.’

Safe Pregnancy Exercises

And in another first, PregActive recently launched The PregActive Movement which ‘Supports and Promotes a Healthy Lifestyle to All Pregnant Women and New Mothers.’

‘This Movement alone has generated overwhelming reach, interaction, positive reviews and impressive engagement with women who can relate to The Movement’s values and mission,’ says Kerryn.

As the ultimate online and in-studio Prenatal and Postnatal Exercise and Health destination, PregActive has embraced a leadership position to reach more women in-search of resources to achieve the health and well-being goals they want.

‘Thanks to our incredible partnerships over the few years, we’re creating a meaningful connection between PregActive and our amazing community or women. Our online platform is a powerful way to deliver targeted and quality content to a very engaged audience, ‘ Boyle adds.