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Hear What Our Amazing PregActive Members are Saying!

‘I Had a Wonderful Pregnancy’
PregActive was so relaxing during my pregnancy I looked forward to some me time to unwind, stop, stretch and work on my body. During the contractions in my labour I used the breathing techniques PregActive sessions taught me, when the contractions become more intense these skills helped so much!

‘I am really enjoying attending these classes!’

Kerryn combines yoga with muscle toning and strengthening. I come out of the sessions feeling relaxed and improved. I like knowing that I can continue to exercise and strengthen my body (especially my back!) in a safe way while pregnant. I feel very comfortable with her advice and recommendations – she is very knowledgeable on the way your body changes during pregnancy, and smoothly adapts and adjusts the sessions to suit you.

I started the sessions when I was just 11 weeks pregnant (in the Trimester1 class), and am soon to move into the Trimester3 class. I wouldn\\’t dream of doing anything else on my Sunday mornings! Rachael Gallaugher

The PregActive classes were excellent for me during my pregnancy!

They helped relieve my back ache and gave me confidence in my body for labour. When I’m ready, I’m looking forward to coming back to the post-natal classes!

Kerryn has amazing knowledge about how the body moves and changes during pregnancy and labour, and is always there to help with any questions or concerns. It made the whole journey so much easier knowing I could rely on Kerryn! Caroline Kulikowski

‘I really enjoy attending the PregActive classes.’

I feel the sessions provide me with the opportunity to focus on relaxation, yoga and breathing techniques that I can benefit from throughout my pregnancy. Jessica Manfre

‘I highly recommend PregActive’

I had a wonderful pregnancy and very minimal abdominal separation that I have been able to recover from with gentle PregActive post pregnancy exercises. I highly recommend PregActive and I am so grateful for all the support from all the other mums and Kerryn. Lisa

‘The PregActive classes have been great’

The PregActive classes have been great throughout my pregnancy, they combine yoga, Pilates and strength training and help me to keep energised, even on the really tired days! I really like the way the classes are tailored to the different stages of pregnancy. It is that class I just need for myself to relax, stretch and do some exercise I know is safe at my stage of pregnancy. Julia Franco

‘Very enjoyable classes’

Perfect for relaxation, breathing, safe stretching and strengthening and pelvic floor practice. A fun and relaxed atmosphere. Very enjoyable classes. Tahlia Schneider

‘So glad I found PregActive.’

It’s out done my expectations. I feel safe doing all the moves as I know it’s not going to harm me or my unborn baby. It’s all worth it. I can’t wait to start doing the Tri3 sessions to learn a bit more and build on my strengths and breathing techniques. Angela Maclean

‘Loving classes at Pregactive’

Loving classes at pregactive, always leave feeling refreshed relaxed and recharged. Kerryn is amazing at adapting classes for how we are feeling or helping relieve any body aches or pains we have at the time. Would recommend to everyone. Danielle Bell

‘I am loving the relaxation part of the class’

I’m finding the further along in the pregnancy the more beneficial I’m finding the classes. I am loving the relaxation part of the class, it really helps me relax during class and throughout my week! I use quite a lot of the tips and techniques from class every day. Nicole Piper

‘Loving the PregActive classes and how they are suited to all stages during pregnancy.’

I really enjoy how we do all exercises suitable for preparing for labour, stretching and toning. I feel relaxed but energised after the class. Kerryn is a great instructor with lots of support and knowledge. Jess Nanfra

‘I’m so glad I discovered PregActive’

The PregActive classes make you feel stretched and worked on your body, but not too much. I was doing bootcamp before I started these classes but that was too vigorous. I like the PregActive classes because I feel they are helping me keep my body toned, whilst helping me stay energised throughout my week. I’m so glad I discovered PregActive at 16 weeks, it has made the rest of my pregnancy so much easier! Cheryl Fraser

‘I am so happy I found the PregActive classes so early on in my pregnancy.’

I progressed each week as my body changed with my pregnancy as the exercises were easily adaptable. I felt prepared and ready (as much as I could be) for my labour and used some of the breathing and relaxation techniques to help me through my labour. The pelvic floor exercises and gentle abdominal toning are now helping me recover in the post-natal period. I\\’m looking forward to coming to the post-natal classes soon! Julie Graham

‘I just love it!’

I’m attending PregActive classes for postnatal muscle toning, and I just love it. The program ensures that I’m working, yet I don’t feel physically drained after, I come away energised. Ebony Scollary

‘Kerryn is lovely’

Kerryn is lovely, so happy and knows what is the best for all the ladies. She gives you advice along the way to keep up the exercises at home. Olivia Norman

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