PregActive Newborn Babies September 2019


Newborn Babies September 2019

September 2019 Babies
September 2019 Babies

We are so excited to announce the newest newborn babies in our PregActive tribe!

Here’s our list of newborn babies born in September:

  1. Baby boy Logan born on 3rd September to Courtney

2. Baby boy Jordan born on 5th September to Rosey

3. Baby girl Blair born on 7th September to Chantal

4. Baby boy Ollie born on 8th September to Kristy

5. Baby girl Ellora born on 9th September to Evelyn

6. Baby girl Mallory born on 10th September to Bronwyn

7. Baby boy Matheus born on 10th September to Lisa

8. Baby girl Scarlett born on 10th September to Madeleine

9. Baby girl Kya born on 11th September to Nicole

10. Baby boy Henry born on 11th September to Katie

11. Baby boy Lenny born on 12th September to Erin

12. Baby girl Pia born on 12th September to Estelle

13. Baby girl Magnolia born on 15th September to Caitlin

14. Baby boy Lewis born on 16th September to Sarah

15. Baby girl Sophie born on 18th September to Vanessa

16. Baby boy Lachlan born on 19th September to Bridget

17. Baby girl Lucy born on 19th September to Michelle

18. Baby boy Harvey born on 20th September to Kate

19. Baby girl Leni born on 22nd September to Alicia

20. Baby girl Odette born on 23rd September to Jacqui

21. Baby girl Jamie born on 23rd September to Amanda

22. Baby girl Charlotte born on 23rd September to Amy

23. Baby girl Ellery born on 24th September to Sarah

24. Baby girl Goldie born on 26th September to Emma

25. Baby boy Archie born on 26th September to Emily

26. Baby boy Reece born on 26th September to Nora

27. Baby boy Jensen born on 29th September to Cody

So many gorgeous babies, I’m just so excited to announce them here!

Welcome September baby boys and girls!

From the entire PregActive community, sending you love and kindness.

So important to look after you, as these next few weeks are often the hardest. And have a read over our recent post The Six Week Postnatal Mark: Boob, Burp, Cry.

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