Newborn Babies for August 2019

Newborn Babies for August
PregActive August Babies Born 2019

So exciting to announce the newest newborn babies in our PregActive tribe!

Here’s our list of newborn babies born in August:

  1. Baby girl Ella born on 14th August to Emma

2. Baby girl Leah born on 18th August to Sintia

3. Baby boy Zander born 19th August to Yvonne

4. Baby girl Liliana born 23rd August to Lauren

5. Baby girl Elsie born 25th August to Kate

6. Baby boy Dmitri born 30th August to Ling

Welcome August baby boys and girls!

From the entire PregActive community, sending you love and kindness.

So important to look after you, as these next few weeks are often the hardest. And have a read over our recent post The Six Week Postnatal Mark: Boob, Burp, Cry.

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