Postnatal Exercise Success Story using The Pregactive Method


Postnatal Exercise with Emma

Emma is in our postnatal care & recovery program and loves it!

Watch the video to see why!

Postnatal Exercise, Care & Recovery

Finding the time for postnatal exercise can be hard for new mothers. Our postnatal exercise workouts include; postnatal Pilates, postnatal yoga, strength and cardio sessions as well as relaxation to help reduce stress for new mothers.

Improve the Way You Feel Physically & Emotionally!

Learn how to heal abdominal separation (Diastasis), improve pelvic floor functioning and get fit and strong again. My goal is to look after YOU while you look after your baby as you recover after childbirth!

Your body will undergo some significant transformations during your pregnancy. It is vital that you learn how to reconnect again physically and emotionally.

Stop Leakage!

You need to strengthen your core, improve pelvic floor functioning to stop leakage, access the right exercise & lifestyle information for motherhood, and get the required support to get fit and strong again!

Immediately after childbirth you must avoid intense core abdominal exercises.

These include; crunches, planking, abdominal curls and heavily loaded resistance exercises during your postnatal workouts.

While many trainers promote these exercises to a healthy population, it is important to note that these exercises will only increase unwanted strain on your upper abdominal muscles. Which can cause them to separate further which impacts on the healing process.

Promote Abdominal Muscle Recovery after Pregnancy

Including the right diastasis recti exercises into your workouts will help to restore deep abdominal control and promote abdominal muscle recovery after pregnancy and childbirth.

Your goal when performing these exercises is to ensure you are using the correct deep abdominal activation technique which we discuss in our video.

Your exercises should progressively challenge the deep abdominal muscles to further promote core control.

If you want a progressive 12 week postnatal care and recovery plan and want to be able to exercise in the comfort of your own home then our Postnatal Recovery Program is for you!

You can start this program any time after 2 weeks post birth. Be sure your doctor has medically cleared you to recommence a postpartum exercise program.

Postnatal exercise with PregActive for Mamas

Let Me Help YOU Regain Your Body Confidence After Childbirth >

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