Postnatal Exercise Classes

I Will Help You Re-Gain Trust in Your Body Again!

My postnatal exercise classes provide you with a natural way to assist in the healing process after childbirth. My classes are designed to take into account your diastasis recti {abdominal separation}.

I will help you improve pelvic floor functioning, improve the way you feel physically and emotionally, and strengthen your core.

It is important that you dedicate some time for your own health as you take on the life of a busy new mother. You must learn how to reconnect again physically and emotionally, strengthen your core, improve pelvic floor functioning to stop leakage, and have access to the right exercise & lifestyle information for motherhood!

Postnatal Exercise Classes

Discover Safe & Effective Postnatal Exercises when You Have a Diastasis Recti

• Get the support you need as you recover after childbirth.
• Get back your body confidence & be proud of your body!
• Improve the way you feel physically & emotionally.
• Receive strategies that are easy-to-follow & deliver results.
• Be Motivated & Inspired to achieve the results you want.
• Gain trust again in your body to function properly.
• Boost energy & recover from labour.
• Improve Pelvic Floor Functioning + Stop Leakage!
• Strengthen core & heal abdominal separation.
• Strengthen back & improve posture.
• Join an amazing group of supportive women just like you!.