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Protect Nursing Nipples

Hey Mama – Let’s Protect Nursing Nipples

Hey Mama - Let's Protect Nursing Nipples. Protect #Nursing Nipples - Today I want to talk about how to Protect Nursing Nipples. There’s three things that can absolutely break a women in those early weeks postpartum:

Exercise after Childbirth

Top 5 Donts of Postpartum Exercise

Top 5 Don’ts of Postpartum Exercise

Top 5 Don'ts of Postpartum Exercise. Obstetrician and Gynaecologist (OBYGN) Dr Ini Thevathasan requested an interview with me to help share some insight for her patients into the Top 5 Don'ts of Postpartum Exercise.

Lose Baby Weight

Can't Lose Weight Postpartum

Top 2 Reasons You Can’t Lose Weight Postpartum

Top 2 Reasons You Can't Lose Weight Postpartum. Are you struggling to lose weight postpartum? Do you feel bloated and hating that tummy pooch? Wondering why you can't lose weight after pregnancy?