PregActive Post-Pregnancy Workshops


Post-Pregnancy Workshops

Our next post-pregnancy workshop with our Women’s Health Physiotherapist Beth Scott will be on Sunday March 24th 2019 at Chirnside Park in Victoria. To learn more click here >

It is time to strengthen your core and pelvic floor, learn how to recover diastasis recti post-birth and lose excess-baby-weight the right way.

We have heard too many horror stories of women trying to lose the ‘mummy tummy’ with sit ups and high impact exercise. You do not need to slam your body to get good results, in fact if you push too hard you could be doing more damage than good!

Join Kerryn & Beth

Escape the kids for 1.5 hours on a relaxed Sunday afternoon where PregActive Founder, Kerryn Boyle and women’s Health Physio Beth Scott will educate and empower you on how to exercise and take care of your body to feel confident again!

Welcome to all new mothers no matter how old your little one is You. Need. To. Know. This.

Contact Us for details on the next workshop!

Post-Pregnancy Workshops

This workshop is focused on the corrective exercise post-pregnancy and how you can start help recover better now to help reduce issues later on for you. We will touch on:

Learn all about Diastasis Recti
Getting Rid of your ‘Mummy Tummy’
Learn how to exercise your Pelvic Floor
Regaining your energy back
Losing baby weight the right way

We will also be covering topics such as:
Stress and the impact it has your inability to lose weight
Simple, yet effective 3-minute-relaxation techniques
Mind over matter – getting into a positive mindset about you and your body

You deserve to feel good in your body again. This is your step to regaining control, feeling energised again and being the happier, healthier mother you want to be. Contact Us Today!

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