Our Promise to You
We are committed to delivering 100% customer satisfaction every step of the way.

From the day you start with us, to the day you finish your program, your satisfaction is of paramount importance. That’s why you will have our dedicated team of health professionals continually working to ensure we meet your expectations.

The Main Reason We Exist Is To Help Women Just Like You
We are justifiably proud of our reputation for providing proven programs created by our team of health professionals that meet the highest expectations. This gives you peace of mind in knowing that the workouts you receive have been created with the required attention to detail.

Pregnancy is Not a Time to Take Risks
Our goal is to ensure you are receiving safe and effective exercises throughout your pregnancy. We focus on delivering a guided and proven health, fitness and well-being program at a time when it matters most to you.

Quality and Professionalism in All We Do
It’s not about offering an endless library of workouts that provide little guidance. It’s about providing you with the best service to deliver on what we promise. To do that, our structured workouts provide the quality, instruction and guidance you deserve.

Easy To Follow Workouts
We make sure there is absolutely no confusion when it comes to knowing which exercises you can do and which you must avoid. Our classes include functional prenatal exercises for your trimester.

We Deliver More Than You Expect
Included in our online PregActive prenatal program; you’ll discover more videos, articles, audio and content inclusions than you ever expected. With impressive features and design, including the ability to watch videos on all mobile devices, you will be able to workout no matter where you are! All you need is your phone!Pregnancy Exercises at Home

Our Pregactive Team Is Globally Recognised
Our team of Exercise Physiologists, Women’s Health Physiotherapists, Dieticians, Health Coaches, Pilates and Yoga Instructors, and Prenatal Exercise Specialists work closely together to ensure every class we provide meets the highest expectations and quality.

PregActive is Trusted and Endorsed by Medical Professionals
There is no better endorsement than having those respected prenatal health care professionals endorse and recommend PregActive to their clients. From Obstetricians to Women’s Health Physiotherapists; we are entrusted to look after their patients via our in-studio classes and our online programs.