Online Pregnancy Program

Learn to Safely & Effectively Strengthen Your Core during Pregnancy to Prepare for Childbirth and Beyond!

I will provide you with the right information you need to safely exercise when pregnant so that you experience a healthier pregnancy, an easier labour and a more comfortable postnatal recovery.

My PregActive Method is a medically endorsed and physiotherapist recommended online health, mind & body program designed for women during pregnancy.

Overall, My PregActive Clients Experience:

  • a more empowering and comfortable pregnancy.
  • increased strength and confidence in their body.
  • a strong core as the belly grows each trimester.
  • reduced pelvic floor problems.
  • quicker healing post birth.
  • lessened chance of abdominal separation.
  • less back and pelvic pain.
  • improved body control throughout each trimester.
  • improved labour using our breathing techniques.

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