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Online Pregnancy Program – Join Thousands of PregActive Mamas

PregActive empowers expecting mamas with safe online pregnancy program with our at-home workouts. My innovative techniques are backed by scientific evidence and have been proven to help reduce and heal injury-based diastasis recti along with common pregnancy related injuries. Watch how the PregActive Method has worked for women just like you.

I will provide you with the right information you need to safely exercise when pregnant so that you experience a healthier pregnancy, an easier labour and a more comfortable postnatal recovery.

My PregActive Method is a medically endorsed and physiotherapist recommended online health, exercise, mind & body program designed for women during pregnancy.

Online Pregnancy Program - Join Thousands of PregActive Mamas

Overall, My PregActive Clients Experience:

1. A more empowering and comfortable pregnancy.

2. Increased strength and confidence in their body.

3. A strong core as the belly grows each trimester.

4. Reduced pelvic floor problems.

5 . Quicker healing post birth.

6. Lessened chance of abdominal separation.

7. Less back and pelvic pain.

8. Improved body control throughout each trimester.

9. Improved labour using our breathing techniques.

The PregActive Method

The PregActive Method is an innovative online health and fitness program designed for women preparing for pregnancy, during pregnancy and recovering after childbirth. Our program is recommended and endorsed by Midwives, OBGYNs, Doulas, Nurses, and Physical Therapists.

PregActive has revolutionised prenatal fitness via our online studio. Our method is redefining how women exercise when pregnant. We provide you with safe and effective workouts to keep you fit during pregnancy. And once you have had your baby we will help you heal and re-strengthen postpartum.

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