Online Pregnancy Exercises Endorsed by Physiotherapists


Online Pregnancy Exercises Endorsed by Physiotherapists

What I love most is teaching my in-studio classes. Being right there to work closely with each women. But there were constant requests to create an online pregnancy exercise program that they could do at home.

Many of my amazing women wanted to have access to my workouts when they were at home.

So, I created my online program at that provides a week-by-week guided prenatal exercise plan. My online pregnancy exercise program will help to keep you fit throughout each trimester.

Joining in one class a week was all they could manage time-wise. But they wanted to work out more. They wanted to stay on track and be able to workout form home.

I was also getting requests from women who lived far away and wanted to have access to PregActive.

Online Pregnancy Exercise

Workout from the Comfort of Your Own Home

I am so excited that I can now help women from all around the world gain access to my prenatal workout videos. If you are one of these women who cannot physically attend one of my classes then my online program is for you.

You will gain immediate access to the best and safest online Pregnancy Exercises that you can do in the privacy of your home. It is like having me right there with you!

Here’s Why PregActive Works

1. Medically recommended and endorsed.

This is why I love helping pregnant women be fit and strong. This is from one of our beautiful members Alana:

‘I was Fortunate to be Referred to PregActive by a Physiotherapist’

‘I’ve been doing PregActive workouts since I was six weeks pregnant. I was looking for a program that would help me to improve strength and flexibility, and PregActive has really exceeded my expectations.

I’ve learned so much about the body in pregnancy and labour, along with learning a range of gentle exercises that have helped me to increase core strength and flexibility. Thanks Kerryn!” Alana’

2. PROVEN Results from women like YOU!

I love it when I receive the great news of a newborn ‘PregActive’ baby. The appreciation expressed from helping mum stay strong, fit and healthy is what I love hearing most.

3. Get pregnancy fit with at-home workouts.

I know you will enjoy my workouts that you can do in the privacy of your own home. No more fighting for equipment or space at a gym. No driving to and from gym.

Third trimester exercise before baby

4. Stay fit & strong each trimester.

Your exercise program should be modified each trimester to accommodate your growing belly. I have created a dedicated program appropriate for each week of your pregnancy.

My workouts are progressive, but remain functional to help you perform your daily tasks when pregnant.

5. Safe & effective workouts for You & Baby!

You must have trust in your instructor. Pregnancy is not the time take take risks or follow workouts from an unqualified instructor.

There are some exercises, sports and activities you must avoid when pregnant. And you also need to know what intensity you should workout to, your heart rate, training time and so much more.

Our PregActive Mums

Prenatal Exercises You Can Use Right Now

Pregnancy Exercise 1: All Fours – Elbow to Knee

Prenatal exercise elbow to knee you can do at home or online

Exercise 2: Modified Push-ups

this is how to perform modified push ups when pregnant

Prenatal Exercise 3: Side Plank – Elbow to Knee

Prenatal exercise elbow to knee side plank

Exercise 4: Side Lying BicyclesPrenatal exercise lying bicycles

Modified Exercise 5: Wide Squat

this is how to perform wide squats

Get Pregnancy Workouts for Every Week

1. Get a new program every week.

No matter what week of pregnancy you are in, I have a specifically designed workout for you. I have a team of prenatal exercise specialists including Exercise Physiologists, who have created an online workout that is safe and effective.

If you are constantly trying new workouts then you will be spending most of your time trying to figure out what is going on.

Instead, you should follow a series of videos where each workout leads into the next one. They should be progressive but not overloading you with new exercises.

2. Choice of at-home workouts.

One workout does not suit all. That’s why I have created workouts for all levels, from beginner to advanced. I also have prenatal yoga workouts if yoga is what you enjoy.

Whether you are just starting to exercise or already have an existing high level of fitness, I have a workout for you. While they are suited to various levels of fitness, they all are still specifically created for pregnancy.

3. Guided pregnancy exercises.

I am right there with you in every workout. It is like being in one of my classes as I guide you through each exercise and workout.

I provide with two options when it comes to you workouts. First, you can workout with me in a guided video just as if you are right there in a class with me.

Second, if you prefer a non-video workout then you can access a guided list of all exercises in that workout.

4. Easy-to-follow workouts.

I know what works. You want easy-to-follow workouts that avoid unnecessary equipment and complicated exercises. There is no complicate moves to master. There are no difficult workouts that frustrate you.

To stay motivated and continue working out you need easy-to-follow workouts that are convenient.

Workout in Comfort at Home

1. 40+ pregnancy-designed workout videos. And we are always adding more with new and improved videos.

2. All you need is 20 minutes. You are busy, I get it! So, you can start with a 20 minute workout and when ready, progress to a longer session.

3. Designed by prenatal exercise experts. This is a must have, non-negotiable requirement for you. Don’t risk following some unknown PT or instructor who may put both you and baby at harm. Always choose a qualified prenatal instructor.

4. Backed by scientific evidence. There is no guesswork here. We only include safe and effective exercises in our workouts that have been approved by our team of health professionals.

Safe Pregnancy Exercises

1. Discover the best exercises for every week. As you progress through each week of pregnancy, your workouts must be modified to suit your growing belly.

2. Avoid exercises that could harm your baby. Again, you are not expected to know which exercises you should avoid. This is why we are here to help you.

3. See what exercises you MUST AVOID.

4. Pregnancy core strengthening workouts are important for you while pregnant, top help with childbirth and also for a speedier recovery.

Overall, My Clients Experience:

1. A more comfortable & healthier pregnancy.

When you are fit and healthy you will be more likely to experience a more empowering pregnancy with less pregnancy ailments.

I will provide you with more than just workouts. I have created a program to ensure you take care of your body.

This includes a series where i provide guided step-by-step instructions on how to lift baby in various every day scenarios with eh right lifting technique. This will help to prevent pregnancy back pain.

2. Increased strength & confidence in their body.

Having a strong body to carry baby throughout each trimester is very important. You want to be strong now, during childbirth and also during your postpartum recovery.

3. A strong core as the belly grows each trimester.

A strong core is vital. Each week you gain access to specific core strengthening workouts that will help you during labor and in your healing after childbirth.

4. Reduced pelvic floor problems.

What you do now will go a long way in helping to prevent embarrassing leakage later on. Performing your PF exercises (Kegel exercises) take some time in learning the correct technique.

I have step-by-step videos to ensure you get it right.

5. Quicker healing post birth.

How fast you recover after childbirth depends on many factors. Your goal is to take care of the things within your control. And looking after your health and well-being is important.

6. Lessened chance of severe Diastasis Recti.

All women will experience DR to a certain degree. Some have severe diastasis recti while others are not impacted by it at all.

7. Less back and pelvic pain.

8. Greater trust in their body.

It is important you trust in your body and how it works for you.

9. An improved & positive labor.

By learning the best birthing positions and then strengthening your body for each of these positions is important to your experience.

My Pregnancy Program is for YOU if you Want to:

1. Exercise the ‘right way.’

2. ONLY perform safe exercises.

3. Physically prepare for labour.

4. AVOID dangerous exercises.

5. Reduce pregnancy back pain.

6. Speedier recovery post-birth.

7. Access prenatal yoga workouts.

8. Maintain a healthy weight.

9. Learn all about Kegel Exercises.

10. Maintain body confidence.

11. Feel great during pregnancy.

12. Get medically recommended workouts!
Third Trimester Exercise at Home
Here’s What You Can Expect from My Proven Solution for the

Physical & Emotional Challenges You Will Face During Pregnancy

When I first set-out to create my online programs my goal was to be honest. Work hard. AND and lead by example by not just telling you, but showing you how to do it.

I will show you the exact exercises you should do, as well as the exercises you must avoid at all costs as they can be dangerous to both you and your baby.

My online program provides you with new pregnancy exercise workouts every week all the way up until you give birth.

Prenatal Workouts Endorsed by Women’s Health Physiotherapists

You will gain access to our Physiotherapist recommended workouts that include the best pregnancy exercises for each trimester.

I want to help you eliminate any self-doubt or concerns you may have about exercising when pregnant.

I also want to help you avoid the common and potentially dangerous mistakes the majority of women make when exercising during pregnancy.

This is from Christel, a Women’s Health Physio who worked out with PregActive.

‘I Thoroughly Enjoyed the PregActive Classes’

‘As a physiotherapist working the field of women’s health it is wonderful to know women are able to exercise safely with these PregActive workouts during their childbearing years.

Kerryn does a great job at running these classes in a relaxing and fun manner. Christel – Women’s Health Physiotherapist’

PregActive is More than Just an Exercise Program!

My health, mind and body program is dedicated to helping you stay fit and healthy throughout your pregnancy and to also physically prepare for childbirth.

Bel now has access to the best pregnancy program online

Video & Non-video Online Pregnancy Exercise Workouts

Participate in workouts in your own time, at-home and at a pace that suits you. There are also non-video workouts available for every week of your pregnancy.

So you have the choise of working out with me in one of my video workouts or just following the listed exercises for each week.

Here’s Just Some of What You Get:

1. Access to member-only support group.

2. Workouts you can do at home.

3. Prenatal core workout videos.

4. Trimester specific workout videos.

5. Prenatal yoga workouts.

6. Unlimited access to health library.

7. Breathe & relax audio.

8. Body & back injury prevention program.

9. Prenatal nutrition tips & my very own recipes.

10. Watch on phone, tablet, computer or TV.

11. Kegel exercises for a strong pelvic floor.

12. Pregnancy tips for overall health.

And So Much More!

If you have something to share, a question to ask, a suggestion, or would just like to reach out and say hi, please send me an Email.

Your Baby’s Health Depends on Your Good Health!

Let’s Get Started >

Your Baby’s Health Depends on Your Good Health!

4.7/5 (15 Reviews)
Kerryn Boyle
Kerryn is a Prenatal Exercise Specialist who teaches pregnancy classes in Melbourne Australia. Kerryn has over 10 years of extensive experience in women’s health, fitness and well-being specialising in prenatal and postnatal exercise. Kerryn’s areas of expertise includes providing women with safe diastasis recti exercises to help heal abdominal separation. Kerryn holds a Bachelor Degree in Exercise and Sport Science, is a qualified Prenatal Pilates Instructor.


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