Online Pregnancy Exercise

Online Pregnancy Exercise

Helping Our Amazing PregActive Tribe Get Pregnancy Fit with at-home Workouts

What I love most is teaching my in-studio classes and being able to work closely with our amazing and inspiring women.

But there was a need to help everyone stay on track and be able to workout form home when they were not attending class.

I was also getting requests from women who lived far away and wanted to have access to PregActive.

And this was when I decided to create my online program at so every pregnant woman had access to The PregActive Method.

Workout from the Comfort of Your Own Home

I am so excited that I can now help women from all around the world gain access to my prenatal workout videos. If you are one of these women who cannot physically attend one of our classes then my online program is for you.

You will gain immediate access to the best and safest online Pregnancy Exercises that you can do in the privacy of your home. It is like having me right there with you!

Overall, My Clients Experience:

  • a more comfortable & healthier pregnancy.
  • increased strength & confidence in their body.
  • a strong core as the belly grows each trimester.
  • reduced pelvic floor problems.
  • quicker healing post birth.
  • lessened chance of severe Diastasis Recti.
  • less back and pelvic pain.
  • greater trust in their body.
  • an improved & positive labour.

My Pregnancy Program is for Women Who Want to:

  • Exercise the ‘right way.’
  • ONLY perform safe exercises.
  • Physically prepare for labour.
  • AVOID dangerous exercises.
  • Speedier recovery post-birth.
  • Access prenatal yoga workouts.
  • Maintain a healthy weight.
  • Learn all about Kegel Exercises.
  • Maintain body confidence.
  • Feel great during pregnancy.
  • Get medically recommended workouts!

Third Trimester Exercise at Home

Here’s What You Can Expect from My Proven Solution for the
Physical & Emotional Challenges You Will Face During Pregnancy

When I first set-out to create my online programs my goal was to be honest, work hard, and lead by example by not just telling you, but showing you how to do it.

I will show you the exact exercises you should do, as well as the exercises you must avoid at all costs as they can be dangerous to both you and your baby.

My online program provides you with new pregnancy exercise workouts every week all the way up until you give birth.

Access Prenatal Workouts Endorsed by Women’s Health Physiotherapists

You will gain access to our Physiotherapist recommended workouts that include the best pregnancy exercises for each trimester.

I want to help you eliminate any self-doubt or concerns you may have about exercising when pregnant.

I also want to help you avoid the common and potentially dangerous mistakes the majority of women make when exercising during pregnancy.

PregActive is More than Just an Exercise Program!

My health, mind and body program is dedicated to helping you stay fit and healthy throughout your pregnancy and to also physically prepare for childbirth.

Video & Non-video Online Pregnancy Exercise Workouts

Participate in workouts in your own time, at-home and at a pace that suits you. There are also non-video workouts available for every week of your pregnancy.

  • Access to member-only support group.
  • Pregnancy workouts you can do at home.
  • Prenatal core workout videos.
  • Trimester specific workout videos.
  • Prenatal yoga workouts.
  • Unlimited access to health library.
  • Breathe & relax audio.
  • Physiotherapist recommended workouts.
  • Body & back injury prevention program.
  • Prenatal nutrition tips & recipes.
  • Watch on phone, tablet, computer or TV.
  • Kegel exercises for a strong pelvic floor.
  • And So Much More!

Prenatal Exercises Online

Your Baby’s Health Depends on Your Good Health!

Let’s Get Started!Save





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