Claim Your Mother’s Day, This is How.


Claim Your Mother’s Day.

That’s right, no matter where your at in your journey, totally own Mother’s Day this Sunday! It’s for you.

And all those other amazing women out there that DO for others. It’s recognising all of the selfless acts of kindness that you’ve ever done, and that unconditional love you just keep on giving.

However, and I warn you, don’t go putting expectation on others. The key here is that you enjoy Mothers Day and don’t go getting disappointed.

And don’t you go worrying, I’ve got some tips on how you can do that right here… you ready?

Avoid expectation and you avoid disappointment.

We both know you don’t need a new shiny ring or some flash holiday to win you over (although a holiday somewhere warm right now would be nice!).

You just need a meaningful hug, someone to make you a hot cuppa and let you be carefree for a little while. Am I right?

There’s that feel-good-mood when things just keep going your way. So let’s get you there. It all starts with YOU!

That’s right girl, you actually start the ball rolling. And here’s how:

Mothers Day 2019
Mothers Day 2019

How You Ensure You Have a Good Mothers Day

1. Buy something for yourself. Two incomes very quickly move to one and the asking permission to buy something (other than the weekly food shop) slowly starts to get to your pride after a while. You crave that independence again.

Just to do something on your terms that isn’t choosing which brand of cereal you get this week. And you know what lovely lady, it doesn’t need to cost much at all.

It’s the process of you actually buying it FOR YOU that makes you feel good. I’d say a $2 massage ball from Kmart is a perfect start.

If there’s something that you’ve been eyeing off (and isn’t stupidly expensive), just get it.

2. Take a moment to re-prioritise what is important to you. Hey as a kid we gave Mum burnt toast and cold tea for breakfast. Probably with more butter than jam smeared over it now I think about it. There is no way it would have tasted good.

But not once in all the years did she complain. “It was just nice to have you all do something for me” was the answer I got when I asked years later if she even liked it.

So it’s not about what you GET (when you’ve already followed step one and got what you want anyway!), it’s about enjoying company of your loved ones.

3. Drop Expectation for Good. We’re now not just talking about Mothers Day. As you don’t want to have next week be an anti-climax after you’re loved up day on Sunday.

Tread your own path and take the steps in the direction you want to be going. No point comparing to Jessica down the road on what you got up to on the weekend.

Be that happy, fun-loving soul you want to be. And trust me, good things will come your way.

Celebrate you, because you deserve it.

And you do deserve it, I mean it. You deserve to feel amazing lovely lady. Do what you need to do to get there. Even if you start the ball rolling.

From all of us here at PregActive, wishing you a very Happy Mothers Day!

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