Mood and Mindset in Pregnancy and Postpartum Podcast

Mood and Mindset in Pregnancy and Postpartum Podcast

Rebecca is a Women’s Health Psychologist with a passion in helping women, particularly in the perinatal period, all the way from pregnancy through to motherhood.

Listen to this incredible Podcast as we interview Rebecca on all things Mood and Mindset to help new mothers around the world.

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Right now being a Mother or Pregnant Mothers-to-be can be hard.

And sometimes we don’t need to wait until we get to breaking point to seek some help.

A couple of conversations, with the right person, can really help. Which is the entire reason we’ve opened up this conversation with Psychologist Rebecca Black.

Tips to help deal with the rollercoaster of moods and mindset for all Mamas, including if you are:

1. Pregnant for the first time
2. Pregnant with other children
3. First time new mother
4. Mother with many kids – realistically we’re all Mamas and a lot of the time it’s a similar struggle.

Studies and research has shown that women are really struggling at the moment with postnatal depression, women are generally putting their needs last, having to quit their jobs or cut down on working hours and just the daily struggles and the sense of grief and loss of ‘normality.’

Acknowledging how you feel is the first step

What you’re going through is valid and real. Denying feelings of being sad, angry or upset is not going to help you. Acknowledging the overwhelm or feelings can be the first step to helping you.

Validation of your struggles is important

As women we are very quick to minimise, or think that other people have it worse, or ‘I should be grateful for what I have’. This toxic positivity can make you feel like you need to have everything together. And Mama, you don’t have to. Know that really no one really does.

Here is a practice for you to try

Take a moment, place a hand on your heart and ask yourself ‘how are you feeling?’ And accepting those feelings, acknowledging those feelings for what they are and knowing it’s okay.

A Grateful Diary

Sometimes, having something where you can self-reflect is helpful. And knowing that it’s not just about being ‘happy’ or ‘sad’ and that it’ also not about ‘good’ days and ‘bad’ days. There are a lot of different emotions that play out within the day.

Deep Breathing is a Technique Everyone Should Use

Not only does it help settle the mind and the body, it shifts your nervous system into a relaxation state. A simple technique such as breathing in for the count of four and then breathing out for the count of six. Try it, even if you don’t think it will work, give it a go.

Mini-Moments Throughout Your Day

It’s not about achieving one big thing that is for you. It’s not about going and getting a massage or having a holiday. If you can incorporate mini-moments of self-care that help you across your day, it will help you in your every day.

It’s not about Perfection, be a ‘Good Enough Mother’

We put so much pressure on ourselves to be a perfect Mother, but so you know, no one is a perfect Mother. Being a ‘Good Enough Mother’ as Rebecca discusses on the podcast is actually doing good for your child.

Listen to the Podcast directly here >>>>

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