Lose Weight before Pregnancy – 10 Tips to Achieve Your goal

Lose Weight before Pregnancy

If you are overweight, and want to lose weight before pregnancy, then achieving this goal of attaining a healthy weight will improve your chances of getting pregnant and having a healthier pregnancy.

Almost every day we are bombarded via advertising on TV, radio, in newspapers and online about some new ‘wonder’ diet or weight loss supplement.

As a result, losing weight can be a difficult task as you sought your way through the sales pitches in order to get the facts on losing weight.

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At PregActive we focus on the ‘Achievable’ changes you can make with regards to exercise, nutrition and making healthy living choices. This includes trying to lose baby weight after childbirth.

When trying to lose weight it is very important to work towards a weight loss goal that is realistic and achievable as this will help you maintain the motivation you require to lose the weight and keep it off for life!

Research has shown that losing a small percentage of weight (<10%) can have a significant impact on blood glucose management, and improve blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels.

So while your goal may be significantly greater than 10%, it is encouraging to know that your health will start to improve with just a small loss of weight.

Gradual Change Works

At PregActive we believe that ‘Gradual Change Can Create Amazing Changes Over Time’ so to get on the path to a healthy weight you start by focusing on your nutrition and exercise plan.

The good news is that eating for ‘weight loss’ does not mean you have to go on a ‘diet.’ It is about making gradual changes to the foods you eat and reducing the portion sizes.

Lose Weight before Pregnancy

10 Tips for Losing Weight before Pregnancy

1. Take Your Time and Enjoy Your Food!

Make a concerted effort to slow down your eating and enjoy each mouthful. Avoid rushing through your meals by eating at your work desk, while watching TV or reading.

2. Avoid ‘Yo-Yo diets’ or Fads

If you have purchased the latest diet fad then you will likely be able to testify that you may indeed lose some weight but it is near impossible to sustain such a strict diet for a long period of time; not to mention many of these diets can be unsafe.

Commit to a healthy diet for life that you can sustain.

3. Choose the Healthy Snack Options

Your good habits of eating healthy meals will be negated if you eat ‘unhealthy’ snacks in-between. Limit your snacks to a small portion and avoid foods high in calories.

4. Limit Your Treats!

When you reduce sugar in your diet you will eventually stop craving sugary foods so much. It is OK to enjoy a treat every now and then, as long as it is not a daily habit.

5. Get Active – Be PregActive!

A key component to losing weight is to be active. Our PregActive workouts are designed to be low impact and allow for you to exercise in the privacy of your own home.

If you have not exercised in a while then start with our 5 minute sessions and build your way up to the longer sessions.

6. Reduce Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol contains a lot of kilojoules and can be high in sugar. So while you are eating well you may be undoing all your hard work by getting the unwanted calories from drinking.

If you cannot cut back completely on your alcohol, then try to limit your intake to two standard drinks a day.

7. Size Does Matter!

It is important to pay attention to your portion sizes. Our plates have become bigger over the years and as a result we try to fill-up the plate with food. It is OK to not fill-up your plate! Most people become overweight because they simply eat too much.

Fill at least half the plate with a variety of vegetables and the remaining half equally between protein and carbohydrate.

8. Don’t Skip Meals

Many people believe that skipping meals is the key to losing weight. This is not ideal as skipping meals can lead to overeating later in the day.

9. Be Smart when Eating Out!

We all enjoy going out to a nice restaurant and having someone cook for us. Most restaurants are designed to provide us with delicious tasting meals which can often mean they are loaded with higher levels sugar and salt.

Try to select grilled, steamed or roasted or foods rather than fried. And where possible try to avoid desserts. You can enjoy a glass of wine but make sure your water glass is also topped up so you can have water available when you need it.

10. Know when Your Mood Can Impact on Food Choices

When you are feeling tired, angry, stressed or upset about an issue in your life you are more likely to eat food for comfort. Be aware of these times and have a plan of action in place to cope with these feelings in other ways besides eating.

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Kerryn Boyle
Kerryn Boyle
Kerryn is a Prenatal Exercise Instructor. Kerryn’s areas of expertise includes providing women with safe at-home pregnancy workouts and postpartum workouts. From pregnancy yoga classes to week by week, it's all right here.

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