Make the Time to Look After Yourself before Pregnancy


Look After Yourself before Pregnancy!

Life seems to be getting busier with more time-consuming commitments in our personal and working life that result in less time to look after our own health and wellbeing.

Do You:

• Feel guilty about spending time looking after yourself?

• Feel that spending money to improve your health is a waste?

• Feel every minute of the day should be looking after someone else in your family?

• Believe that you should save all your money to spend on bills or other family members and never budget to spend some money on yourself?

If you have experienced any of these feelings then it is important to understand that you are not alone.

All too often, we dedicate our life to looking after others without devoting any time to looking after our own health and wellbeing. Your family and friends will feel better if you are happier and healthier!

I Have One Question For You:
Why do you think that your health and happiness is any less important than your friends or family’s health?

Now is the Time to Dedicate Time to Your Own Health and Sense of Worth!

It is important to again state that it is in the best interests of those people around you if you are also healthy and happy as this will have a positive impact on your relationship with friends and family.

If you feel good about yourself, value your self-worth, are generally happy in life, experience less stress and are in good health then that will more likely make those important people in your life feel good too.

As a parent you will be able to be more active in your children’s life if you are also in good health and have more energy from eating well and exercising.

PregActive addresses all of the major contributors to good health including:
1. Regular safe exercise.
2. Healthy eating
3. Attaining a healthy mind.
4. Reducing injury and illness.
5. Maintaining a healthy weight.

Functional Prenatal Exercises Online

What’s Next?

You do not have to make any drastic changes immediately. Instead, introduce some time into your day for YOU!

It could be a 10 minute workout, putting away $10 to go towards a future massage or booking in an appointment with your doctor to address an outstanding health concern that is causing you stress.

Time management is essential as you do not have to neglect others to look after yourself. It is about making the time in your busy schedule to do something you want to do.

Look After Yourself before Pregnancy

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Kerryn Boyle
Kerryn is a Prenatal Exercise Specialist who teaches pregnancy classes in Melbourne Australia. Kerryn has over 10 years of extensive experience in women’s health, fitness and well-being specialising in prenatal and postnatal exercise. Kerryn’s areas of expertise includes providing women with safe diastasis recti exercises to help heal abdominal separation. Kerryn holds a Bachelor Degree in Exercise and Sport Science, is a qualified Prenatal Pilates Instructor.