What I love about Pregactive classes is being able to take Ayla with me, being able to stop and feed during the class and if she is having a meltdown I don’t feel judged by any of the other Mumma’s. All of the ladies I have met so far have been so lovely and being able to get out of the house and meet other people in the same situation is really encouraging.

I love being able to do something for myself and being able to workout not only helps to regain my body but also helps with my mental health as well. Knowing that I am strengthening and toning and slowly getting back to my pre-pregnancy self makes me happy and proud of my body.

Kerryn, you are so kind and encouraging and being able to pick up someones baby if they are crying to give the Mum a few minutes to quickly do the exercise is so helpful. Knowing that the classes are tailored to post pregnancy and knowing that we wont be doing exercises that will hinder our recoveries is very beneficial.

Thanks Kerryn, have an amazing holiday and see you in 2019 x


Janine Postpartum Exercise Class