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These are my top five reasons I am π’ˆπ’“π’‚π’•π’†π’‡π’–π’ to be celebrating Mother’s Day one week from today.β € 1. I am head over heels in love with my baby boy, his smile just lights up my dayβ € 2. I am π’ˆπ’“π’‚π’•π’†π’‡π’–π’ for my body and it’s ability to have grown and birthed my babyβ € 3. I am π’ˆπ’“π’‚π’•π’†π’‡π’–π’ to know and feel confident that one day I can do it all againβ € 4. I am π’ˆπ’“π’‚π’•π’†π’‡π’–π’ for my husband who is the most incredible daddyβ € 5. I am π’ˆπ’“π’‚π’•π’†π’‡π’–π’ for my incredible tribe of beautiful women that surround me that continually remind me I’m doing the best I can doβ € What are you π’ˆπ’“π’‚π’•π’†π’‡π’–π’ for?β € PS: we have a new Podcast coming this week all about Mothering the Mother, so keep an eye out for it. It’s a good one! . . . Love this photo of Max and I week two into our journey together earthside captured by the amazing @sigridpetersenphotography #Justmomlife #eternalmotherhood #motherhoodintheraw #familyfirstβ € #motherhoodsimplified #motherhoodrising #literalmomgoals #ohheymama #teammotherly #grateful #motherhood #postpartumbody #postpartumjourney #postpartum

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Kerryn Boyle
Kerryn Boyle
Kerryn is a Prenatal Exercise Instructor. Kerryn’s areas of expertise includes providing women with safe at-home pregnancy workouts and postpartum workouts. From pregnancy yoga classes to week by week, it's all right here.

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