The Babes Project

International Women’s Day

What a wonderful celebration International Women’s Day is! And we were just so excited to be invited to be a guest at International Women’s Day Brunch at The Babes Project.

The Babes Project has created a wide spread community of people and organisations willing to help. These women who receive the help from The Babes Project are forever grateful. With beautiful words.

My experience with The Babes Project has been amazing so far. They are all about supporting pregnant women and babies until they are one year. In this project you have the chance to meet all the other mothers and babies. We have no only material support but also emotional support… They empower women”.

And that is exactly what we love. Empowering women.

Let this message spread far beyond the single day of International Women’s Day into the full year, and years ahead.

The Babes Project International Women's Day

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