I have really enjoyed the PregActive Mums and Bubs classes this year. It’s been great to have the opportunity to workout, knowing my baby isn’t far away. Your classes have challenged my fitness levels and encouraged me to enjoy the recovery process after having a baby, instead of being disappointed with the things I can’t do now that I could do before, for example, sit ups and running.

I have really enjoyed the PregActive Mums and Bubs classes

My pelvic floor and core muscles feel stronger than ever thanks to your classes! Kerryn is always considerate of others and checks that the exercises are appropriate for you. I love knowing there are three different options of every exercise and I have noticed a huge improvement in my strength and stability since beginning these classes.

The classes have instructors who are so understanding of the needs of a baby too (it’s great that Kerryn offers to hold Henry while I work out) and I have never felt uncomfortable or embarrassed if Henry is upset in the class, I need to feed, or if he is babbling or making noises – we just keep going 🙂

It’s exciting to be able to exercise again, and I can see an improvement both for my physical and mental wellbeing and the classes allow me an hour a week to take some time for myself too! Thanks for everything Kerryn. I look forward to joining you in the new year!

Laura C

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