How to Get Pregnant Do’s and Dont’s

How to Get Pregnant

When you’re trying to conceive, there are a number of Do’s and Don’ts for how to get pregnant. In fact, if you search online, you will find an overwhelming list of what to do.

Before we start, I want to say that getting pregnant can be easy for some, while being very difficult and stressful for others. Other factors such as medical reasons can play a part. So, this article is about empowering you with what you can do and what’s within your control.

How to Get Pregnant

Be proactive by ensuring you are making the smart lifestyle choices. This has many advantages beyond just trying to get pregnant.

Listed below are some actions you can take to ensure you are doing all you can to get pregnant. Most you would have heard about before, but they are a timely reminder.

Be sure to chat to your health care professional about any lifestyle choices you are making and take their advice for your personal needs.

What You Can Do to Help Get Pregnant

1. Make Healthy Lifestyle Choices

By making healthy lifestyle choices you will be taking a big step towards boosting fertility. This includes; exercising, maintaining a healthy weight, eating a healthy diet and attaining a healthy mind while reducing stress.

Here’s What You Can Do for Now

  1. Reduce or eliminate alcohol.

2. Reduce caffeine.

3. Avoid toxins.

4. Achieve a healthy weight.

5. Eat well – Know foods to avoid!

2. Have Sex Regularly During Your ‘Fertile Window’

Knowing when you are ovulating will make it easier to ensure you are having sex during this time. If you consistently have sex two or three times a week then you will almost certain to hit a fertile period at some point. Regular intercourse during the days leading up to ovulation may increase the odds of conception.

3. Take Your Required Vitamins

There are some important vitamins you must be taking when preparing for pregnancy.  I am sure by now you would know that folic acid plays an essential role in a baby’s development.

So while you are trying to get pregnant ‘Now’ is the time to start boosting nutrient stores. A daily prenatal vitamin can be taken along with eating a healthy diet.

4. Consider Pre-conception Planning

Preconception planning involves assessing your overall health. As well as identifying lifestyle changes that can improve your chances of a healthy pregnancy. Then set about a plan of action of implementing these changes.

5. Exercise for Pregnancy!

Now is the time to start getting your body ready for pregnancy. I know you may still be doing your high-intensity classes, or even boot camps. I completely understand. But if you can start strengthening your core and physically preparing to carry a baby now then you will be more likely to experience a healthier pregnancy.

My pregnancy workouts have helped hundreds of thousands of women and they will help you to.

I highly recommend yoga and Pilates. I also recommend you start participating in some classes that you will do when pregnant. My online pregnancy exercise program is an ideal place to start.


Because you will get a head start on strengthening all the muscles you need to get strong for pregnancy. And you will learn what exercises you can and can’t do when pregnant.

How to Get Pregnant

What Not To Do When Trying to Get Pregnant

1. Don’t Smoke

There are many well-document reasons how smoking can cause health problems and even an early death. Bud did you also know that there is a higher incidence of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) among smokers? So, that’s enough motivation to give up smoking now.

Now that you are trying to get pregnant it is important to know that smoking ages your ovaries and depletes your eggs prematurely which obviously negatively impacts on your fertility.

2. Avoid Extreme or Strenuous Exercise Workouts

At PregActive, we are strong advocates for including an appropriate exercise program into your weekly schedule. Moderate physical activity can help promote fertility whereas excessive endurance exercise may affect your ability to conceive.

Often women who are ultra-endurance athletes will have a low body weight that can impact fertility. Our pre pregnancy exercise workouts are designed to prepare your body physically for pregnancy, labour and also post pregnancy.

3. Don’t Drink Excessive Amounts of Alcohol

When it comes to alcohol, drinking excessive amounts is what will cause problems. A social drink occasionally is generally considered fine. There is research that suggests that drinking alcohol appears to decrease fertility and can harm a developing baby.

Drinking a lot of alcohol during pregnancy can also cause future health issues for your baby.

4. Do Not Take Medication Without Approval From Your Doctor

There are some medications that can make it difficult to conceive so always consult your doctor before taking new medications.


If you are having trouble getting pregnant, then please visit your doctor. I would recommend that when you make that decision to have a baby that you book in a visit with your doctor. This is not only important for you, but also for your partner to discuss any family history of diseases, illnesses or genetic disorders.

I want you to do all you can to making the right lifestyle choices now as you prepare for pregnancy. This involves eating well, sleeping, exercising in preparation for pregnancy and ensuring you are getting your recommended folic acid intake.

Now is also the time to plan for pregnancy with regards to your exercise workouts. The information you have now, the more empowered you will be when you do get pregnant.

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