Healthy Eating Tips When Travelling

Healthy Eating Tips When Travelling

When you are at home you get to control what you eat and how much. When you are on the road travelling, or eating out with friends, then you lose a lot of that control.

Trying to choose the healthier option becomes a challenge when your options are limited. You also lose control of just how much added sugar or salt is being added to your meals.

In saying this, eating out should be an enjoyable social time with friends and splurging out on the odd occasion with a ‘less than healthy’ meal is nothing to cause great concern. It only becomes an issue of you are routinely eating away from home and neglecting eating healthy foods.

When You are on the Road Travelling:

1. Take some healthy food and water with you to avoid eating junk food when you stop.

2. Select a healthier option such as a salad, wholegrain roll or wrap.

3. Avoid pies, pastries and other discretionary food.

4. Don’t be tempted by the lollies and junk food at the checkout counter.

5. Stop at a ‘rest stop’ instead of a fast food outlet or service station to avoid temptation.

When You Are Out Eating With Friends:

1. Fill your plate first with healthy foods (salad, fruit, and vegetables).

2. When possible, serve yourself so that you can control your portion size.

3. Avoid drinking too much alcohol.

4. Instead of taking high-sugar pastries, offer to take a salad or fruit platter.

Healthy Eating Tips When Travelling

When You Are Out Eating At a Restaurant:

1. Visit the restaurant’s online menu so you have more time to select the healthiest option.

2. Avoid the salty french fries.

3. Avoid large serves of pasta and rice dishes with few vegetables and high fat sauces.

4. Avoid dishes with few vegetables.

5. Consider asking for an entrée sized meal or a smaller serve.

6. Ask for extra vegetables or salad with your meal.

7. Ask for dressings / sauces to come separately so you can add a smaller amount yourself.

8. Eat slowly and don’t feel guilty if you cannot eat all your meal.

9. Choose a lean piece of meat, skinless chicken or seafood.

10. Avoid fried, battered and crumbed choices (choose baked, steamed, grilled).

11. If having a dessert, select fruit.

12. If having a rich dessert, share it with a friend to avoid over-eating.

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1. Drink water before you leave home to quench your thirst.

2. Drink water with your meal.

3. Limit alcohol.

4. Avoid high sugar fruit juices.

5. Avoid high sugar smoothies and milkshakes.

6. Avoid soda or soft drinks.

When You Decide To Eat Takeaway Food:

1. Choose smaller portions as you do not have to eat the entire meal!

2. Avoid deep fried and pastry options.

3. Don’t be sold by the waiter to up-size your meal or drink.

4. Drink plenty of water with your meal.

5. Select extra vegetables and salad.

6. Limit high fat, high salt sauces and unnecessary toppings (cheese, mayonnaise).

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