Healthy Eating Tips when Preparing for Pregnancy


Healthy Eating when Pregnant

Healthy Eating Tips when Preparing for Pregnancy

1. Plan Your Meals and Avoid Constant Snacking
Your body will often tell you when you have eaten enough. Eat slowly and act on the feedback your body gives you about when and how much you need to eat.

It is best to have your meals for each day planned so you avoid eating junk food or that last minute trip to the fast food restaurant to get dinner because you do not have food at home.

When you plan your meals you will be more likely to ensure you are getting your recommended intake of serves from the five food groups.

When you constantly snack you are more likely to consume processed foods that are more likely to include too much saturated fat, added sugars, added salt and kilojoules.

2. Eat With Other People and Avoid the Junk Foods in Front of the TV
If you live alone it is only natural that you will more often than not eat dinner in front of the TV.

Whether you live alone or have a family, try to eat your meals at the table and with friends (or family) as you will be more likely to eat regularly and eat well than those who eat alone or in front of the TV.

Television watching is associated with eating more discretionary choices like take-away or convenience foods and fewer foods from the five foods. It also makes it much more difficult to recognise and respond to our body’s signals about hunger and satiety.

3. Be Sure to Eat a Healthy Breakfast
To get the day off to a good start you should always eat a healthy and nutritious breakfast.

Try and avoid the high sugar-based cereals and choose a healthier option (wholegrain cereals and bread, fruit, low fat milk, natural low in sugar yogurt). Starting the day off with a coffee and no food will only cause you to experience mid-morning low energy levels.

Healthy Eating Tips when Preparing for Pregnancy

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