Giulia’s Pregnancy Journey


Giulia’s Pregnancy Journey

My pregnancy journey has been transformative for me in many ways. I think the biggest thing that I have learned about myself throughout these 9 months is how strong my body is and how capable I am.

I had thoughts in my head of getting sick, gaining weight, having complications etc. But I have been so grateful and thankful for what a wonderful pregnancy I have had.

I have stayed strong and fit, have had little to no health issues and have managed to keep moving at work and at home without drama.

This has made me fully appreciate my body and how strong it really is.

As I now wait for my birthing day to arrive, I feel so confident in my ability to have a smooth and calm birth.

Honestly, I feel that I have been very well informed throughout my pregnancy. Particularly as I have a need to know everything and to feel empowered by this knowledge! The pelvic floor exercises and tips really helped me.

If anything, I would say that it is this period of time that I am currently in where I am no longer working but no baby has arrived.

It is a strange in between time where I feel quite without purpose and direction. I wish I knew to prepare for this time of waiting and to value just how special it truly is.

I am learning that I’ll never have this time ever again in my life.

Giulia's Pregnancy Journey
Giulia’s Pregnancy Story and Experience

My advice to all pregnant women is firstly to be informed.

We have so many choices about our pregnancy and birth. We are really letting ourselves and our babies down by not seeking to learn as much as we can about this journey.

The more we learn, the more empowered we are and ultimately (I hope!) the better birthing experience we will have.

The second thing I would advise pregnant women is about the fact that there is no reason to stop moving and to stop exercising. I have felt much stronger and fitter than I thought possible during this pregnancy.

And it is only because I chose not to stop doing the things that always made me feel healthy.

Swimming is so undervalued!

Throughout this pregnancy I have loved swimming laps and going PregAqua with Kerryn so much. Especially as the weather has cooled down.

As I have got heavier and heavier, walking has gradually become much harder, but this has not been the case for me with swimming. You feel so light and relaxed in the water, I can’t recommend it enough!

Share your story and pregnancy experience to help other women in need
Share your story and pregnancy experience to help other women in need
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