How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Do you want to know how to get a good night’s sleep?

You’re not alone!

Many people struggle with getting enough sleep due to poor sleep habits.

Without proper rest you will feel sluggish and lack the required energy levels to perform throughout the day.

Getting enough sleep is vital to your health and once baby comes along you will face the challenge of getting sleep when you can in-between caring for your baby.

Developing good habits now can assist you when that time comes.

How You Can Improve Sleep

How You Can Improve Sleep

What Should I Do In The Evening?

Listen to your body and learn to identify the best time for you to go to sleep and then make it a habit to go to bed at the same time each night.

Your body has an internal clock and hormones that control sleepiness and wakefulness so this internal clock works best if there is a regular sleep routine.

Going to bed too early or well after this ‘window of opportunity’ for sleep will disturb your ability to fall asleep. Develop a routine before bed where you wind down and relax and this includes avoiding last minute checks of your phone, computer or tablet.

What to Avoid in the Evening before going to bed:

1. Smoking

2. Alcohol may help you get to sleep, but it will make it harder to stay asleep.

3. Caffeine should be avoided for at least 5 hours before going to bed.

4. Colas and soft drinks also contain caffeine.

5. Avoid rigorous exercise.

6. Television

7. Computer games.

8. Drinking too much water will have you running to the bathroom.

How to Get a Good Night's Sleep

Your Checklist for Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

  1. Take the time to invest in a quality, supportive and comfortable bed.

2. You can take proactive steps to a better night’s sleep.

3. Develop a routine that prepares your body and mind for sleep.

4. Avoid changing the time you go to bed and get up.

5. You should aim for 7-9 hours of sleep a day.

6. If you nap in the evening this could make it hard to sleep at night.

Rest and Relax Before Bedtime7. Rest and relax in the hour leading up to bed time.

8. Meals should be timed to avoid going to bed on a full stomach, but not hungry either.

9. If you are not asleep after 30 minutes, go to another room until you feel tired again.

10.Remove items from your bedroom that may distract you (TV’s, clocks, phones).

11.Getting sunlight during the day will help you to sleep better at night.

12.Stay warm when you sleep (room temperature, having enough blankets).

13. Your pillow and blankets should be comfortable.

14.Improved sleep will not happen as soon as changes are made.

15. Find what works for you and stick with it.

16. If you try everything and your sleep doesn’t get any better then book a visit to see your GP.

Key Takeaway

Don’t forget your exercise! You ideally don’t want to exercise right before bedtime.

But if you exercise during the day you will be more likely to sleep.

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