Functional Prenatal Training

PregActive is known for our functional prenatal training.

But what exactly does functional mean?

How is functional training relevant to pregnancy?

Do you need to exercise differently when pregnant?

I have put together a series of upcoming posts dedicated to answering these and many more questions regarding functional prenatal training.

It is extremely important that you understand the importance of only participating in safe and effective pregnancy workouts. This is where functional training comes into it.

What is Functional Prenatal Training?

Functional prenatal exercises train your muscles to work together and prepare them for the specific requirements your body demands when carrying a baby.

It is vital that your workouts simulate common movements, positions and activities you might do at various stages throughout your pregnancy. This is where PregActive has helped numerous women.

Our workouts use various muscles in the upper and lower body at the same time to emphasise core stability.

Let’s face it – your body will change more throughout each trimester of pregnancy than at any other time in your lifetime. As a result, you need and deserve a safe and effective exercise program to match this transformation.

Third Trimester Exercise at Home

PregActive is Functional Prenatal Training!

Our PregActive Pros are highly trained and experienced fitness professionals that are driven to help ‘mums-to-be’ experience a happier and healthier pregnancy.

To achieve this, our certified Pros follow The PregActive Method principles which were created by our team of allied prenatal health professionals.

Our instructors teach ‘mothers-to-be’ how to correctly perform the movements and tasks unique to a pregnant woman.

Our goal is to prepare our clients for their birth experience and motherhood in a functional way.

Most Gym-Prescribed Fitness Programs Will Not Work when Pregnant!

Why? Because the biomechanics of motherhood are unique and specific. In fact, I see way too many pregnant woman participating in workouts that are causing them more harm than good.

It is not because the fitness trainers creating their programs don’t have good intentions.

It’s because these trainers have had very little, if any, training and education on the specific requirements of pregnant women.

There are proven safe exercises for pregnant women, and then there are downright dangerous exercises that can cause both you and baby harm.

Safe Pregnancy Exercises ONLY!

When you are pregnant, you MUST only participate in a safe and effective prenatal exercise program that takes into account;

  • changing balance
  • directional change
  • strength
  • agility
  • speed
  • acceleration
  • deceleration
  • rotation as your weight increases

For these reasons, a ‘Functional Prenatal Training’ program is not just a recommendation, but a requirement.

The commonly prescribed non-pregnant woman’s gym program can have significant health and safety consequences for a pregnant woman.

Your Health & Well-Being Matters!

You Deserve The Best!
So Get PregActive Today And Take The Worry Out Of Exercising When Pregnant!

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