Functional Prenatal Training in the Second Trimester


Functional Prenatal Training Second Trimester

Your second trimester includes the weeks from 14 – 26. It is during this trimester that you really start to notice how your growing belly impacts on your daily activities.

Your workouts should be helping you to build the strength and endurance you need in preparation for increasing weight gain. What’s important here is that you pay attention to how your body is feeling.

If you experience any significant discomfort, pain or tightness then you should stop exercising and consult your doctor. They may recommend modifications based on YOUR individual needs.

It is vital you communicate these modifications to your instructor.

My second trimester workouts focus the following three functional parameters.

They are:
1. Core stability
2. Upper back
3. Upper arms

Let’s take that one step further and explain why these play such an important role in how I design my second trimester prenatal workouts.

Functional Prenatal Training Second Trimester

Core Stability

At this point of your pregnancy you should avoid lying flat on your back. Why? Because the weight of your growing baby could cause an obstruction of venous return that impedes the return of blood from the lower body to the heart.

This is important to note as this condition may lower cardiac output and cause orthostatic hypotension which is ‘dizziness’ due to an acute drop in blood pressure) (ACOG 2009).

Upper Back and Arms

The time to also start preparing your body for post pregnancy is now. When you have a baby, you will find yourself constantly picking up your baby as well as using your upper body in the daily chores you will be doing.

I want you to alternate between carrying your baby on the right and left sides. If you always put your baby on one hip, then you will create an imbalance and this could lead to lower back and hip pain.

I have included descriptive tips on how you can lift your baby and well as put your baby in their cot (crib) without causing injury to you.

As you can see, there is more to working out when pregnant than just trying to stay fit. This is why my ‘functional training’ is a must for pregnant women.

Functional Prenatal Training

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