Prenatal Training Considers These Four Life Events

Prenatal Training Considers These Four Life Events

Where PregActive stands-out from most standardised prenatal training or fitness programs is that we provide functional prenatal exercises that cater specifically to your needs as a pregnant woman.


  1. Help you to prepare your body physically so that you can carry your baby with confidence.

2. Improve your overall health by preventing or reducing the severity of common pregnancy ailments.

3. We are about strengthening your body so that you can perform your daily activities without causing injury.

Our functional training workouts evolve with each week of pregnancy because your body also evolves each trimester due to the demands placed upon it of nurturing your growing baby.

Let’s consider these four impending ‘life events’ that begin with your decision to get pregnant.

Functional Prenatal Training Considers These Four Life Events

1. Getting Pregnant

We know that many of our clients who come to our prenatal classes did not physically prepare for pregnancy with functional exercises. In other words, many participated in a generic fitness program, but those exercises did not necessarily meet the functional needs of a pregnant woman and the body changes she will experience.

Before getting pregnant, you need to strengthen your core, strengthen your back, improve your posture, and physically prepare your body for carrying a baby.

2. Pregnancy

Being pregnant imposes an entirely new lifestyle on you. Your workouts must now be customised to meet the demands of pregnancy and the body changes that occur.

When pregnant, you may continue to work up until maternity leave. Functional training assists in giving you the strength required to continue to perform not only your work-specific duties, but also your daily activities.

What if this is your second or third pregnancy and you not only have to look after yourself, but that of your children.

How can you carry around a small child when pregnant without causing back pain?

How can you lift a child when pregnant without causing injury?

It is these real-life situations that our PregActive functional training program is designed for.

It is your prenatal functional training that also prepares you for post pregnancy. So, while you are training to look after your body when pregnant; you must also look forward and start preparing your body for the body changes you will experience post childbirth.

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3. Labour and Delivery

Functional training prepares your body for specific labour positions. A great example of this is that I include ‘squats’ in my workouts and classes.

But not just any squat. AND definitely not traditional gym squats. I guide you through the correct technique you must use when performing squats when pregnant. Not only for safety reasons, but to mimic this position you may use during labour.

4. Motherhood

I get it! You’re not feeling great about the way you look. Pregnancy has changed your body in ways you never thought possible. But your first priority is YOU and your recovery. I want you to dedicate these first twelve weeks (or more if needed) to healing, and when ready, then you can start to focus on losing unwanted baby weight.

My 12 Week Postpartum Recovery Program specifically caters for the demands of early motherhood. Your immediate goals should not be about weight loss or how you want to get back your bikini body.

Yes, I know there are some programs out there that promote this and use comparison photos of women who only had a baby a few weeks ago showing off their fit body.

This is where PregActive is different

We do not believe in having you compete or feel compelled to compare yourself to others by taking a before and after photo of yourself in your underwear!

Re-gaining your body confidence post pregnancy is not a competition between you and other women. It is about YOU and Your Recovery!

When YOU are ready, then you can start to think about losing unwanted baby weight the right way!

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Kerryn Boyle
Kerryn is a Prenatal Exercise Instructor. Kerryn’s areas of expertise includes providing women with safe at-home pregnancy workouts and postpartum workouts. From pregnancy yoga classes to week by week, it's all right here.

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