Frankston Babes Project Workshop

Helping the women from The Babes Project at the Frankston centre was just so wonderful. Every time I do a workshop like this it emphasises just how important this type of education is.

Each woman should have access to this type of information. They deserve to feel confident and comfortable in the exercises they are choosing. They should be able to feel good throughout their pregnancy and post the birth of their baby. That is why we teach them some simple movements, stretches and exercises they can do at home.

As with all our workshops, the focus is on helping the mother. We had a mix of pregnant and post-pregnant mothers at this Frankston workshop, some who had travelled from the Mornington Peninsula just to be there.

I love the questions that arise and the comfort these women have in this environment to ask what is on their mind. It just goes to show how good a job The Babes Project is doing!

Looking forward to our next PregActive Workshop at The Babes Croydon centre next month!

The Babes Project

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