12 Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

It is vital that you know what foods to avoid during pregnancy for the safety of you and baby. While Listeria is uncommon you should still empower yourself with the knowledge of certain foods that you should not eat when pregnant.

The best foods to eat are freshly cooked or freshly prepared food.

A vital component to our Healthy Eating Plan is identifying and knowing which foods you should avoid when pregnant.

Foods to Avoid during Pregnancy Include:

1. Sprouts

2. Soybeans

3. Pate

4. Ham and processed meats

5. Liver

6. Soft-serve ice-cream

7. Soft cheese, such as brie, camembert, fetta, cottage and ricotta.

8. Pre-cooked diced chicken, the type you buy at delicatessens and sandwich shops.

9. Cold, smoked and raw seafood, especially oysters.

10. Self-service salad bars or packages salads, such as coleslaw and pasta salad.

11. Unpasteurised milk.

12. Raw or partially cooked eggs.

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Kerryn Boyle
Kerryn Boyle
Kerryn is a Prenatal Exercise Instructor. Kerryn’s areas of expertise includes providing women with safe at-home pregnancy workouts and postpartum workouts. From pregnancy yoga classes to week by week, it's all right here.

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