Exercises During Pregnancy You Must Avoid

It is very important that when you exercise during pregnancy you only participate in workouts that are safe for you and baby. What you were doing before getting pregnant may cause harm when pregnant.

You will find several videos, interviews and posts throughout my site on this topic because you must know what is not safe! I absolutely cringe when I see an unqualified trainer promoting dangerous exercises to a pregnant woman.

My workouts are based on scientific evidence and the recommendations as provided by the college of Obstetricians. So, please ask what qualifications your trainer has when it comes to prenatal exercise.

Pregnancy Exercises to Avoid

Below is a list of some exercises, activities and movements you should avoid.

1. Avoid Any High Impact (Contact) Exercise during Pregnancy

Why Avoid these exercises during pregnancy?
• You risk losing your balance.
• There is a risk of collision.
• You could fall.
• Potential to come in contact with another person.
• Ultimately, there is a risk of injury to you.
• Risk of causing harm to baby.

Examples of Exercises during Pregnancy to Avoid:
• Skiing (snow and water)
• Football
• Soccer
• Volleyball
• Horseback riding
• Bootcamps

Exercise Involving:
• Plyometrics
• Jumping
• Skipping
• Hopping

2. Plank or Push Ups
Performing push-ups and the ‘plank’ are two exercises during pregnancy you are best to avoid as it can place excessive stress on your abdominals and may force them to separate further leaving you with a diastasis to heal after delivery.

Exercises During Pregnancy You Must Avoid

3. Exercises That Places Extreme Pressure on Your Pelvic Floor
Movements or exercises that create too much internal downwards pressure on your pelvic floor muscles should be avoided as it will cause it to weaken.

Exercise Involving:

  • Lifting heavy weights
  • Traditional sit-ups or crunches

4. Traditional Sit Ups and Crunches
Why avoid these exercises during pregnancy? Performing any sit-up or abdominal crunch during pregnancy (full sit ups, double leg raises, straight leg toe touches) can place too much pressure on your abdominals.

When pregnant, you are at risk of developing diastasis recti which is abdominal muscle separation.

5. Exercises Where You Are Lying On Your Back
Why avoid lying on your back during pregnancy? You should avoid lying on your back during your second and third trimester of pregnancy.

Why? because the uterus may inhibit the return of blood to the heart when lying down. And this may result in you feeling nauseous or dizzy.

Examples of Exercises during Pregnancy to Avoid:

  • Bench press
  • Sit-ups
  • Leg raises

If you find your trainer providing any of these exercises, please be empowered to ask why?

Safe Pregnancy Exercises