Exercise when Pregnant – 26 Reasons to Get Pregnancy Fit!

Exercise when Pregnant

Should I exercise when pregnant is a common question I get asked all the time. The benefits of exercise during pregnancy are endless!

Not only does a safe and appropriate exercise program help you stay fit and healthy, but it also goes a long way towards your baby’s future health.

PregActive’s mission is to look after YOU when you are pregnant! Even if you weren’t exercising before pregnancy, you can start now with an appropriate prenatal program.

Exercise when Pregnant

Benefits of Exercise when Pregnant

Well, there has been a lot of published research into the benefits of exercising when pregnant as outlined below. My goal is to help you stay fit and healthy during pregnancy.

I am experienced in working directly with a diverse population of pregnant women. And over the years I have seen first-hand the benefits of staying active during pregnancy.

If you are looking for some extra motivation or reasons why you should stay ‘PregActive’ when pregnant then here are few benefits:

Why Exercise while Pregnant

1. Helps you to carry the weight you gain during pregnancy.

2. Helps you prepare you for the physical stress of labour and birth.

3. Will help you improve your fitness level after childbirth more quickly.

4. Improves muscle tone.

5. Develops strength.

6. Increases endurance.

7. Helps to improve your self-image.

8. Help you feel better about your changing body.

9. Boosts or maintain your energy levels.

10. Better prepare you to continue with your daily tasks.

11. Strengthens your heart and lungs.

12. May help prevent or reduce pregnancy back pain.

13. Improve your circulation.

14. You can reduce the risk of some illnesses if you exercise when pregnant.

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15. Reduce your chances of getting pre-eclampsia.

16. Increased ability to cope with the physical demands of looking after your baby.

17. May help prevent gestational diabetes.

18. Helps to reduce fatigue.

19. Helps you to better cope with the aches and pains of pregnancy.

20. May provide you with improved self-esteem.

21. Give you a more positive outlook.

22. Help you sleep better.

23. Prevents back pain and improves posture.

24. Weight management.

25. Stress relief.

26. Faster recuperation post labour.

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Pregnancy Exercise Classes

Whether you are considering joining a class near you, or participating in an online prenatal exercise program; you must have trust in the instructor!

These days, a lot of personal trainers complete their certification online and receive minimal, if any, detailed instruction on prenatal exercise. So, I strongly advise you ask your prospective instructor the right questions.

Ask them what experience they have with training pregnant women. What formal education they have.

What you should do is chat to some of the existing or previous clients.

Remember, you are now responsible for not only your health and well-being, but that of your growing baby. Stay safe!

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Kerryn Boyle
Kerryn is a Prenatal Exercise Instructor. Kerryn’s areas of expertise includes providing women with safe at-home pregnancy workouts and postpartum workouts. From pregnancy yoga classes to week by week, it's all right here.

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