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How Much Water Should a Pregnant Woman Drink?

How Much Water Should a Pregnant Woman Drink. We’ve all heard for many years now that you should aim to drink eight glasses (8-ounce) of water per day. While this is still a good ‘general’ guide; I recommend that you pose this question to doctor.

Folic Acid during Pregnancy – What You Need to Know!

Folic acid during pregnancy is an essential nutrient for normal development of your baby. Folic acid can often also be referred to as folate. Undoubtedly you have already heard about the importance of folic acid before pregnancy as well as when you are pregnant.

Nutrition Tips to Help with Morning Sickness

Morning Sickness. Every woman will have varying experiences when it comes to feeling or being sick during their pregnancy. Some women will tell you that they experienced very little nausea.

Can I Eat Fish when Pregnant?

Can I Eat Fish when Pregnant? We all know the benefits of eating fish, but should you continue to eat fish when pregnant? Yes! Fish contains essential nutrients that are important to the developing foetal brain. The issue is with certain types of fish that you must avoid. Here is what you need to know.

Pregnancy Nutrition Workshop Heathmont Sunday 31st March 2019

Fuel your body for the health of your baby! When you attend our pregnancy nutrition workshop, you will gain insight to your nutritional needs throughout each trimester, plus refueling your body post-birth.

Can I Remain A Vegetarian When Pregnant?

Can I Remain A Vegetarian When Pregnant? Yes, you can remain a vegetarian when pregnant. As long as you are ensuring you are getting adequate amounts of the required and important vitamins and minerals for both you and baby.

Dietitian Lisa Middleton Guides You on Nutrition for Pregnancy

As soon as you become pregnant your body starts to go through physical and emotional changes. These can impact on your nutrition for pregnancy choices and requirements. Dietitian Lisa Middleton Guides You on Nutrition for Pregnancy

Gestational Diabetes During Pregnancy

Gestational diabetes during pregnancy is quite common and usually resolves after the baby is born. Please always speak to you doctor if you have specific questions.

Meet Carla Johnson – Accredited Dietitian

Carla Johnson is an accredited practising dietitian (APD) who is enthusiastic about helping busy women live better, balanced lives through the nurturing of food.

Can I Eat Chicken During Pregnancy?

Can I Eat Chicken During Pregnancy? Yes, you can eat chicken during pregnancy. Lean chicken can be an excellent source of protein, iron and zinc...

16 Tips to Improve Your Diet When Pregnant

16 Tips to Improve Your Diet When Pregnant. You can make some minor changes to your diet when pregnant and reap big returns in improving your health. When most women think about the word 'diet,' they think about weight loss. That's not what I'm talking about here. Obviously, when pregnant, your goal is about maintaining a healthy pregnancy weight. To do this, following a guided pregnancy diet created by a Dietitian, or qualified prenatal health specialist

Pregnancy Nutrients that are Essential for You and Baby

When you are pregnant, you will hear the term pregnancy super foods or Pregnancy Nutrients throughout various online articles or posts.

Foods to Avoid When Pregnant – Dietitian Tells All!

Foods to Avoid When Pregnant. It is vital that you know what foods to avoid when pregnant for the safety of you and baby. While Listeria is uncommon you should still empower yourself with the knowledge of certain foods that you should not eat when pregnant.

Here’s what You Need to Know when it Comes to Nutrients and Vitamins for Pregnancy

Nutrients and Vitamins for Pregnancy Kerryn chats to PregActive Dietitian and Nutritionist Carla Johnson about what nutrients and vitamin for pregnancy you require and how...

Eating for Two When Pregnant – The Truth You Need to Hear

Eating for Two When Pregnant. I am sure you have heard the saying; 'You should be eating for two when pregnant' but is this true? I just how much this is an exciting time for you. Also a nervous and anxious time as you search endlessly online for answers top your questions.

How to Quit Sugar When Pregnant

You're probably thinking why do i need to quit sugar when pregnant? Well, no-one is going to judge you when it comes to your food cravings during pregnancy.

Tips for Stocking a Healthy Pantry during Pregnancy

Having a 'healthy pantry during pregnancy' will help you to avoid eating too much junk food as you will be more likely to choose a healthier option from your pantry. The key to throwing out unhealthy food items or junk food is to know what is in them.

Why Do I Need More Iron During Pregnancy?

Why Do I Need More Iron During Pregnancy? Iron is a very important mineral as it is required to transport oxygen through the blood and is essential for providing energy for daily life.


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